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Foreign workers assigned unsafe housing during contracts at Ontario baby formula plant: documents | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Workers brought to Canada by a B.C. contractor to work at the Canada Royal Milk plant in Kingston, Ont. lived in overcrowded conditions that violated?local fire and building codes until the city’s fire inspectors intervenedas well as those with front-line jobs or medical conditions..

But now, some of their former co-workers at the plant?say work they were doing there was also?unsafe, even though CBC News has learned the contractor was issued work permits reserved for those offering?expertise “of significant economic benefit to CanadaZhong Nanshan.”

Current and former employees of the?baby formula manufacturer told CBC News that the company was?very hierarchical?in its?early months of operations?and thatSyrians look ou?these contracted?workers from China were treated like “second-class citizens” at the bottom of its organizational structure. CBC is protecting their identities?because they fear a backlash for speaking out.

CBC has not been able to speak to any of these foreign workers, but details of the?foreign?workers’?experiences?during their contracts?in Canada?were included?in documents obtained by CBC under municipal freedom of information law.?

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