China wind energy tea party held in Beijing, Sany

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China wind energy tea party was held in Beijing, Sany energy won the year-end award

China wind energy tea party was held in Beijing, and sany energy won the year-end award

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on January 4, the annual industry event - 2020 China wind energy new year tea party was held in Longzhong, Beijing, attended by more than 600 representatives from the government, associations, enterprises and scientific research institutes. Zhou Fugui, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy energy, was invited to attend the event and speak. During this period, Sany Ningxiang shenxianling wind farm won the year-end award of "Chinese wind energy man · pioneer"

respected predecessors, front-line personnel in charge, friends from relevant industries and media gathered together to talk about the development of the industry and talk about green feelings

since the first session was held in 2007, the wind energy tea party has gone through 14 years. The integration of all production processes has made the company profitable and become an industry gathering to check the harvest of the year and look forward to the vision of the coming year. At the meeting, Zhou Fugui shared the achievements of Sany energy since the strategic transformation. He said that now Sany can show you a new spiritual outlook, and various business indicators have entered a leading position in the industry. "Sany people have the ability, confidence and goal to create a leading enterprise in the wind power industry." Zhou Fugui also said that China's wind power industry needs everyone to unite, popularize the green environmental protection and social benefits of wind power development to the society and the government, and jointly create a good atmosphere for wind power development. His words were unanimously recognized by the participants

Zhou Fugui, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy energy, made a speech at the meeting

up to now, many benchmark projects have emerged in China's wind power. Among them, as the country's first ecological smart wind farm, Sany Ningxiang shenxianling wind farm won the year-end award of "Chinese wind energy man · pioneer" for its ice breaking and demonstration role in the development of wind power in Hunan

Wang Zhiqiang, senior deputy general manager of Sany group and general manager of Sany new energy, introduced that in order to break the environmental protection dilemma of the wind power industry, at the early stage of project design, Sany adhered to the principle that Lego planned to replace ABS plastic with sustainable materials to "build a wind farm, set a red flag and set a benchmark", and built Ningxiang shenxianling into a model wind farm for the harmonious development of wind power development and ecological protection

after the completion of the project, national ministries and commissions, provincial competent departments and friends from all walks of life visited the site. The aluminum alloy battery pack, fender, anti-collision beam, subframe and other types of body and chassis parts brought by many enterprises of the project will comprehensively show the utilization of aluminum alloy new material technology in automobile manufacturing, convey the concept of harmonious development between wind power and nature to the outside world, and help Hunan wind power industry return to the fast lane of healthy development

group photo of pioneer winners

CCTV led the audience to listen to the Innovation story behind the pioneer winners

CCTV interviewed the pioneer representatives

2019 is an exciting year for Sany wind power

in this year, the market value of Sany group reached 150 billion. Sany Heavy energy also received the largest single equipment purchase order in the history of the group, making outstanding contributions to the development of the group

in this year, Sany Heavy energy's units operated well, and the power generation of multiple wind farms reached record highs. Among the top five wind farms in Hunan Province, three wind farms choose Sany wind power equipment

the progress of the industry is inseparable from those young talents who have the courage to make breakthroughs. Innovation is their inexhaustible driving force and persistence is their magic weapon to win

Li Qiang, vice president of Sany group and chief engineer of Sany Heavy energy, won the "industry construction Contribution Award"

MA Ziliang, service engineer of Sany Heavy energy, won the "Young Pioneer Award"

on site, Wonderful performances of literary and artistic programs

people held up their records one after another

Sadie Choir brought you a distant song of "wild goose"

Youth pioneer chorus with great pride

the lion dance performance at the dinner shocked the whole audience under the cool light effect

the tea party held a lucky draw at the dinner, hoping to bring you more good luck

spring and autumn, forge ahead, Keep following the wind

let's look forward to meeting again next spring


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