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Yilian's whole house is customized to prepare simple and fashionable home design for a family of three. The style is modern and simple, with gray, white and black as the main colors. Through the selection of materials with extreme texture, it presents a simple, heartfelt and meaningful life aesthetics

"less is more" -- Master Architect Mies van der Rohe

modern simplicity is one of the current mainstream styles, which is very in line with the space aesthetic principle of "less is more". Its "less" discards the red tape of traditional aesthetics, appeals to simple and atmospheric design, but does not lose the embodiment of details. Combined with high-quality materials, it expresses pure space beauty, simple but not simple

design concept

this home is the just needed house of a young couple. They like the calm and low-key design style. After marriage, they have a lovely son. They hope that in this home, they can accompany their son through the storms of life, and it is a place where they can anchor and dock. The style is modern and simple, with gray, white and black as the main colors. Through the selection of materials with extreme texture, it presents a simple, heartfelt and meaningful life aesthetics

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

style: modern simplicity

color: kasnan wood + Hassan stone pattern

real estate: Aoyuan Jiuli Bay

entrance shoe cabinet

in the position directly opposite the entrance door, a partition design is added to keep the whole space separated, which not only extends the visual effect, but also plays a good role in interest and space division

living room

the living room is mainly black and white and gray, which makes the overall space have a calm and low-key atmosphere. Metal chandeliers and blue tea tables decorate the space with a quiet and elegant beauty

large area floor to ceiling windows provide sufficient lighting, wood colored floors and textured thin carpets make the space warm and comfortable, and the sofa background is decorated with large decorative paintings, which perfectly integrates space aesthetics and home calm

the TV background wall is designed with a customized cabinet, which is convenient to store and place trinkets at the same time, so as to achieve a beautiful and tidy effect. The design of hiding more and revealing less avoids the messy space. The best storage is to find a proper home for every object in the house. The cabinet style design is unique, and it is also a beautiful scenery line in the living room

dining room

the dining room space is connected with the living room space. The simple but not simple line design increases the depth of space. The design of the sideboard cabinet not only meets the aesthetic display, but also meets the storage of more items, which is practical and beautiful

the gray space color of the restaurant is matched with a set of square modern dining tables and chairs, and a pot of green plants are arranged on the dining table, which is particularly elegant and generous

master bedroom

the master bedroom has no cumbersome and miscellaneous accessories, and the overall tone is mainly Taupe. The bedside background is decorated with wood, and the unique design makes people bright. Cotton bedding creates a comfortable and leisure atmosphere, and the bedside table with highly modern murals also makes the bedroom more elegant and noble

the master bedroom is designed with a U-shaped walk-in cloakroom, which is designed with multiple compartments to place frequently worn clothes and accessories, and a bench in the middle to facilitate the exchange of clothes. It is very practical, so that the small space will not appear too rigid

children's room

the color matching of children's room is bright and bright, mainly green, which is more in line with children's innocence and purity. A small tent is placed in the corner, where toys can be stacked and children can play, so as to develop children's nature

the children's room is designed with a customized wardrobe with a whole wall, which is matched with white and green, giving people a warm and comfortable visual experience. The design of more storage and less exposure makes the space of the children's room neat and clean. Animal murals are placed at the head of the bed, showing the fun of innocence


the owner and his wife often work overtime, so in the study design, the functions are as complete as possible, the overall color is grayish brown, and one wall adopts a custom bookcase. The simple and regular lines make the whole study appear organized and generous, and the irregular partition design is both beautiful and convenient for storing books and items


the balcony abandons the conventional drying function, brings the space into the living room, and designs a laundry area and a leisure area at both ends, which has become a concise open study. The owner of the house likes this transparent feeling very much, which increases the interaction between the living room and the balcony





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