The first strategic partnership summit of ouzhe do

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Ouzhejun pinched his fingers and calculated that there was only one day left before the opening of the first strategic partnership summit of ouzhejun doors and windows

ou zhejun pinches his fingers

it's only one day before the opening of the first strategic partnership summit of Ou zhejun doors and windows

dear friends,

have you booked your air tickets and train tickets?

you haven't booked them yet. Hurry up and take action

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport The pick-up vehicles at Guangzhou south railway station have been arranged.

the room of poly intercontinental hotel we booked for you is also in place.

according to the news Xiaobian heard at the front line,

part of the agenda of the summit can be revealed in advance. 12

ouzhe 2017 several series of new products shock release meeting

the connotation of the brand is the product

the essence of the product is quality

ouzhe doors and windows ingenuity inheritance

new products lead the new trend of the door and window industry

dozens of authoritative media will participate in relevant reports

Dealer Training Conference

famous teachers gather, big businessmen gather

speak with examples

teach thousands of big businessmen the art of sales

explain the unique way of successful management

help you learn the most grounded practical strategies

strategic summit, award ceremony

marketing center Strategic interpretation of the manufacturing center

2016 fourth quarter performance PK and other awards will be announced at that time

a wave of mysterious award ceremony activities will be interspersed among them

to climax the glorious and exciting atmosphere on the scene

since the establishment of ouzhe brand

we will not forget our original intention, Forge ahead

hardship is only to show better oneself

the first strategic partner summit of ouzhe doors and windows

summit that can expand contacts

summit that can harvest honors

summit that can create wealth

what are you waiting for

get up quickly

there is no so-called destiny, only different choices

feast at hand, opportunities at hand

hand in ouzhe,the, Come to a philosophical and extraordinary beautiful encounter

win the future

choice is more important than effort

high end doors and windows, Ou zhe leads

join hands with Ou Zhe to open the door to success, the window of wealth

philosophical and extraordinary

the future is coming, wonderful is imminent

thousands of preparations, just waiting for you to come

time: December 29

location: Poly Zhou, No. 20, Denghu East Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City.International Hotel





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