50 square meters comfortable and practical small h

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The decoration effect drawing of 50 square meters small apartment, the storage space for children's room and master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are designed to make the visual effect feel slightly larger through simplicity. The final effect is that we are quite proud of ourselves. We have lived for two years and feel very comfortable. Guests can also sit casually when they come. Unlike some beautiful homes, people dare not move.

the children's room is 2 meters wide and 2 meters long. Only one desk and one bed can be placed. So I made a high bed, and the space under the bed can put toys and my daughter's own clothes. My daughter and the children who come to play like this bed very much

the small house has a usable area of 38 and a building area of 57.4. In order to meet the daily needs of a family of three, the most consideration is to explore the potential space. Our house price is between 12000 and 13000 square meters. Digging out one square meter means making more than 10000 yuan. So I used a lot of brains. We must talk about style. We are a typical pragmatic style

put two big cushions on the low cabinet, and then add cushions - your own unique sofa is completed. The drawers in the low cabinet are enough to accommodate the sundries in the living room





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