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Yashilan seamless wallcovering is in love with mother's day and gives great feedback to family. Forward yashilan wallcovering's praise mall applet. If you collect 39 likes, you can get an embroidered pillow worth 39.8 from yashilan wallcovering

love is strong in May, and I'm grateful for mother's Day

mother broke her heart for us all her life

from the moment we were born to the ground

to every stage of our babbling, toddlering,

entering school, getting married and starting a career, etc.

the person who accompanied us on the left and right is her

yashilan love mother's day, family feedback

Mother's Day is coming, and we are ready for you

let's use video to record the good time with mom

a small group photo

a precious time alone with my mother

a close conversation of time

a commemorative and blessing worth collecting

a group of photos: "mother + you" and "myself + baby" such as:

forward the yashilan wallcovering praise mall applet. If you collect 39 likes, you can get a 39.8 embroidered pillow from yashilan wallcovering, which is limited to the top 100, Guys, let's take action

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1. Forward the QR code of yashilan mall applet and collect 39 likes

2. Take a screenshot after collecting likes and attach a group photo message official account

3. Please fill in the name of details Address and contact information

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the final interpretation of the activity belongs to the manufacturer

yashilan seamless wallcovering always focuses on the perfect combination of modern home life art needs and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend, inheriting jacquard classics, and creating embroidery brilliance, Promote the seamless wall cloth to the height of art, and provide diversified art wall cloth products for people who pursue quality life

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