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In the concept of many people, moisture-proof and waterproof can be equated. In fact, this concept is also inaccurate. Dampproof refers to mixing dampproof agent into the plate base material, and the dampproof agent is colorless

Meier solid water pipe yadil cabinet

myth 1: moisture resistance = waterproof

in many people's ideas, moisture resistance and waterproof can be equated. In fact, this concept is also inaccurate. Dampproof refers to mixing dampproof agent into the plate base material, and the dampproof agent is colorless. In order to distinguish it from ordinary plates, the manufacturer adds green or red (green is the majority, and red is more advanced) as the identification mark in the plates. The moisture-proof agent has no effect on the waterproof performance of the board itself. Practice has proved that the expansion rate of the board with moisture-proof agent and the board without moisture-proof agent immersed in water is the same, and the so-called moisture-proof only has an effect on the moisture in the air

Myth 2: you can feel formaldehyde only when you smell it.

the European standard in this regard is 9 mg/100 g. China's regulations on formaldehyde in wood-based panels: wood-based panels (medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard, particleboard, directional particleboard, etc.) are allowed to contain less than 9 mg of free formaldehyde per 100 g. When you choose cabinets, the emission of formaldehyde is an indicator that can never be ignored

myth 3: poor quality plate

quality depends on material. The reason why the cabinets produced by small factories are cheap is that in addition to processing means, the most important ones are plates and costs. The surface of inferior board is transparent, color difference, uneven to the touch, and the melamine veneer on the surface is brittle. After being subjected to external force, it is easy to fall off. From the cross section, the fiber particles of sawdust are uneven in thickness, with large gaps, and even dirt, nails, stones and other garbage

how to check whether the exterior is firm and tight

I. look carefully at the appearance. First of all, the installation of cabinets should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, and it is not allowed to change the position at will; Secondly, the appearance of the cabinet should remain the original state, without scars; Then the floor cabinets and hanging cabinets should be kept horizontal; The upper and lower, front and rear, left and right seams of the door panel and drawer surface should also be uniform

second, the data should be clear. The allowable error of cabinet installation should be less than or equal to 2mm; The distance between the left and right sides of the cabinet and the wall is less than or equal to 10mm; The installation of the stove cabinet should be aligned with the range hood, and the allowable tolerance is ± 20mm; The relative position difference between the door and the cabinet body, the adjacent surface of the door and the door, the drawer and the cabinet body, the drawer and the door, and the adjacent surface of the drawer and the drawer is less than or equal to 2mm; Adjacent hanging cabinets, ground cabinets and high cabinets shall be fastened with cabinet body connectors, and the tolerance of layer dislocation and surface dislocation between cabinets shall be less than or equal to 1mm. You can measure it with a small ruler. It's very simple

third, look at the firmness. First of all, the hanging cabinet should be firmly connected with the wall, and the connecting screws ≥ M8, more than 2 connection fixing points per 900mm length to ensure that the load-bearing requirements are met; Secondly, the connection between the installation parts of the splicing structure cabinet should be firm and not loose, and the fastening screws should be tightened completely; In addition, the installation of range hood should be kept horizontal and firmly fixed on the wall or connecting plate, without loosening or shaking; In addition, the table top and the cabinet body should also be firmly combined without loosening

IV. look at the safety performance. Safety is very important. Therefore, all drawers and baskets should be pulled freely without blocking, and a limited position protection device should be provided to prevent direct withdrawal; In addition, all exposed sharp corners of the cabinet must be blunt, and the metal parts should be sanded at the touchable position, and burrs and sharp corners are not allowed

v. look at cleanliness. Civilized construction should be emphasized on the regular installation site. Clean the site and remove sundries before construction; During the construction, we should also pay attention to the protection of products and the site, clean up the garbage in time, do not let sawdust and smoke fly all over the sky, and do not open the customer's range hood to extract smoke; After the final installation, the sawdust and dust in the cabinet shall be cleaned, and then the appearance and table surface of the cabinet shall be cleaned. Finally, the site shall be cleaned, and the packaging and garbage left after construction shall be collected and taken away





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