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Youdao wood industry whole house customization, villas, mansions of high quality, high grade, products include raw wood doors, log wardrobes, cabinets, wood decorative wall panels and other kinds of wood customized furniture, One stop shopping experience ~

log dado is a decorative board designed, produced and processed based on pure solid wood. Its concept also comes from whole wood home decoration. It is durable and not easy to deform. It is a kind of decorative plate touted by the current decoration villa

as a completely 100% board, the material selection of log parapet can be different from the general solid wood composite board. The boards it often uses include rubber wood, rosewood, cherry wood and walnut, which are directly sawn from the whole wood. As a new type of board, log wall protection board has high requirements not only in material, but also in technology

Wuxi Youdao Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has a fairly perfect set of technologies in the appearance effect, process technology, design style, modeling technology, interface technology, environmental protection and other aspects of the wall protection board. In addition to the wall protection series products, the company can also make supporting customized products in various styles such as wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, wine cellars and so on. Welcome to visit the factory


[Youdao wood] solid wood furniture customization factory [the only service line]: 156-1839-2878] (welcome to call)

[address]: No. 8 Jinchang Road, Chang'an Town, Huishan District, Wuxi] (welcome to visit the factory)

unlock freely without abnormal sound; The accessories shall be installed completely, and the fixing screws shall be installed completely and straightly

, door stopper, door closer, handle, etc. should be installed at the designated position, firmly installed, and the fixing screws should be installed completely and straight. The effect of the accessories after assembly is good


, the joint gap between the sleeve, door line and the ground should be less than 3mm, and the gap should be sealed with waterproof sealant

. After the whole door is installed, it should be flat and uniform. It should be customized by the manufacturer of Shanghai villa dado





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