Tips for cleaning and maintenance of silent doors

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(Katy mute doors and windows, let you enjoy life quietly) for many noisy situations or more private life situations, mute doors and windows It is not only the first choice of people today, but also an important standard when selecting

many people can't mute their windows. However, many people don't know the harm of not mute. It is said that the sound most suitable for people to sleep is 30 ~ 40 dB, the sound most suitable for people to learn is 40 dB, the dog's bark ranges from 30 ~ 70 dB, the car horn is about 80 ~ 90 dB, and people shout about 60 ~ 70 dB

however, if it exceeds 60 dB, it will damage the nerve. 70 ~ 90 dB will gradually damage human nerve cells for a long time. 90 ~ 100 dB will damage hearing. 100 ~ 120 dB is unbearable, and it can temporarily cause deafness in a few minutes

our most common residential environment is full of car horns and noisy people, so we need a silent door and window

how to maintain silent doors and windows? First, push and pull gently. When using silent doors and windows, you should follow their nature. If you find that there is an obstacle in pushing and pulling, don't try hard. You should check whether there is something obstructing or the doors and windows are deformed. Second, don't squeeze the aluminum frame. When cleaning silent doors and windows, it's best not to stand on the aluminum frame. The weight of people will easily lead to the deformation of the aluminum frame for a long time, and don't use the aluminum frame as a support. Third, choose appropriate detergent and mute doors and windows Do not use detergent with strong acidity and alkalinity, such as detergent or toilet detergent, which will corrode silent doors and windows, and do not use soap or detergent. Generally, it is OK to wash with clean water. Fourth, it is strictly forbidden to accumulate water in the chute. If there is rainwater stored in the chute, wipe the wet glass and door and window frames in time, and pay special attention to wipe the accumulated water in the chute. Fifth, always check the vulnerable parts, always check the vulnerable parts of doors and windows, regularly add lubricating oil to keep them clean and flexible, and always check the frame link parts, tighten the bolts in time, and replace the damaged parts, sealing wool and glass sealant




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