On October 17, the market price of compound fertil

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On October 17, the market price of compound fertilizer in Hebei rose.

with the rise in the price of raw materials, the price of compound fertilizer in Hebei also rose. Both the factory price and the market wholesale price rose, and the increase was very large. The average increase was RMB per ton. The market sales price has not been adjusted, mainly because the sales of compound fertilizer has entered the late stage, There are a large number of small and medium-sized flexible packaging factories in the market without regular technical personnel. Sinochem chemical fertilizer made a price adjustment today. The wholesale price of sulfur based compound fertilizer was increased by 100 yuan per ton, and the original price of chlorine based compound fertilizer was temporarily implemented

up to now, the total sales volume of compound fertilizer in Hebei has decreased compared with the same period of last year, and the sales volume of some brands is significantly lower than that of last year. The main international markets will face fierce competition and rapid growth. The reason is that the price of compound fertilizer is high this year, which is difficult for some users to accept. On the contrary, the market sales volume of phosphate fertilizer has increased greatly, and there is a shortage of goods in some regions. The amount of financing in Northeast China is not large, and the dealers who raised funds in the early stage have begun to take goods

quotation of compound fertilizer in Hebei: 45% (s and the main experimental results of microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine are far more than the digital display) the mainstream factory quotation of compound fertilizer is yuan/ton, the wholesale price in markets with different performances is yuan/ton, and the wholesale price in markets such as batian and Sakefu exceeds 2700 yuan/ton; The mainstream ex factory quotation of 45% (CL) compound fertilizer is yuan/ton, and some brands still follow the original price of yuan/ton

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