On October 20, the hottest month, TOCOM rubber fel

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On October 20, TOCOM futures fell sharply in the early trading.

according to the comprehensive media on October 20, the TOCOM index futures once fell by 4% in the early trading on Thursday, falling below the previous support level of 300 yen per kilogram, due to the decline in crude oil prices and people are still worried about the European sovereign debt crisis

some analysts pointed out that the decline of TOCOM rubber futures intensified after the opening decline of Shanghai Rubber Futures caused by economic growth concerns

in recent years, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. have also been fully prepared for the company's production capacity to serve customers. A Thai trader said that it is estimated that the support level of rubber futures is 290 yen per kilogram, which may make the rubber futures, i.e. 0.1 ⑴% precision goods, above this level due to bargain hunting

tocom's March contract was last reported at 290.8 yen per kilogram, down 10.7 yen, breaking away from the intraday low of 289.6 yen reached earlier. The contract closed at 301.5 yen per kilogram on Wednesday

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