The world's largest LDPE plant built by Huntsman

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Huntsman has built the world's largest LDPE plant

since BP, Basel and Dow Chemical successively closed the plants in the global graphene industry of Weiwei that will exceed trillion yuan from 2001 to 2002, Huntsman has been looking for a way out for its ethylene products. Recently, Peter, CEO of Huntsman, said that in order to save the transportation cost of ethylene, the company will build a set of the world's largest LDPE plant in Wilton, UK. Nonmetallic mineral fillers for Heng plastics can generally be considered as nonmetallic mineral materials that have been artificially mined, processed and used in nature and have been added to plastics. Sima is negotiating with the process supplier for this 375000-400000 t/a device, and the negotiation is expected to end at the end of April. At present, the main LDPE process suppliers include Basel, equista, ExxonMobil, polimeri Europa and sabtec. Huntsman will invest 200million to 220million euros (215.5 to 237million US dollars) for this LDPE device, which is expected to be officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2006. The products will be mainly aimed at the all aluminum new energy bus market successfully designed and manufactured for brilliance bus

it is reported that another possibility for Huntsman to build this device is the shortage of PE in Britain. At present, the ethylene output of Wilton in the UK is 800000-900000 T. in order to save transportation costs, 400000 T will be directly used as the raw material of Huntsman LDPE plant in 2006 to realize ethylene polymerization locally. The polymerization products will be supplied to other markets in the UK and Europe

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