On November 6, American refinery installations wer

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On November 6, US refinery installations were threatened by bombs. According to US media, some BP companies have begun to get out of their mistakes. The largest oil refining facility in whiting, Indiana, was threatened by bombs on Friday morning. This refinery has a daily crude oil processing capacity of more than 400000 barrels. A spokesman for BP said that the company would seriously deal with the incident, and the company was used to dealing with such incidents. It is said that an anonymous person claimed that Koth had created a bomb threat as a manufacturer of high-performance materials. The spokesman said that the procedures for responding to the bomb threat did not include closing any department of the facility or reducing production, but rather strengthening the security work of the facility, evacuating non key employees and conducting search work

Bogg, an economist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Melbourne, believes that the oil market will be in a quiet period before the demand for heating oil rises. We are waiting for winter to come, because then the market will be active again. On Wednesday, the US Department of Energy announced that the US crude oil inventory was 12% higher than the average level in the same period of five years, the distillate oil inventory was 13% higher than the average level in the same period of five years, and the gasoline inventory level was 2.3% higher than the average level in the same period of five years. American gasoline and heating oil have two-level limit protection functions of program control and mechanical overload protection: when the load exceeds 3 5% of the maximum value of each gear, the demand for gasoline and diesel is still close to the two-month high

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