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On August 1, Mr. Li, a citizen, reported to the gang that Oubei River Dike Park has not been as high as his arm posture for a while, and there has been a certain improvement in practice, innovation and physical fitness. Jg/t5101 ⑴ 998 street lights. Many citizens like to go to the park for exercise in summer. Without street lights, everyone should exercise in the dark, which has a great potential safety hazard

on the evening of August 1, I came to the riverside park and observed a section of the road westward from near Jiangbei street. I found that there were no street lights in the park, but many people came to the park to run and walk quickly. People were crowded for a long time, and the street lights were all black, so we had to borrow lighting

when I came to the area in the direction of Pullman hotel in Wenzhou, I found that there were still no street lights here, and it was dark. "A few days ago, the street lights were still good and very bright. I don't know what happened these days. There are a lot of people exercising in the park at night. The street lights are not too unsafe." Ms. Tang, who is jogging, said that there are some small countries in the park, which are by far the world's largest market for mechanical equipment. Roads, trees, rockeries and chairs. Because the street lights are not on, it's terrible to bump into them accidentally, especially children are more dangerous. I hope the relevant departments will make the street lights on as soon as possible

it is understood that in May this year, our county launched the "beauty enhancement" project on the North Bank of Oujiang River, that is, the road and landscape enhancement project. The total investment of the project is 400million yuan to build the North Bank of Oujiang River into a comprehensive ecological sports and leisure belt along the river. The first phase is designed to be 6.8 kilometers long, with an investment of more than 100million yuan. The newly-built and reconstructed area is 36.5 hectares, striving to be completed by the end of September. The construction of the park has been going on for a long time. Is it related to the construction that the street lights in the park are not on

on August 2, the relevant person in charge of the construction project was interviewed. He said that the lack of street lights was indeed related to the recent construction, because the footpath and bicycle lane of the park were combined in the past, only 1.5 meters wide, and the street lights were installed on the roadside, so it was very narrow for people and bicycles to pass through. Now the road has been rebuilt to achieve a win-win plan. The road has been widened to 3 meters, and the power supply must be cut off when widening the road. He said that the construction period of this project is very short, and it is required to be completed by the end of September. Therefore, the construction team is working overtime and going all out to carry out the construction, which brings inconvenience to everyone. Please forgive me

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