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It's a well-known fact that shunning the sunshine and baking in direct sun leads to wrinkles. But those who thought their skin was shielded while driving, or sitting in a conservatory, could be in for a nasty surprise。

The damage caused by sun coming through glass can be so dramatic that, over time, the side of the face exposed to the rays can end@5 Press reset and then press the peak key up looking up to seven years older than the other. Even a few hours sitting in a car during April results in skin damage, according to a study。 The sun's ageing effects during autumn months are also far worse than previously realized, it found。

Glass does block out the sun's UVB rays, but about 50 percent of UVA rays, associated with burning and ageing, do get through。 Leading dermatologists and photobiologists warn that daily exposure to ultraviolet rays means the skin can age more than twice as quickly as skin that is protected。 There will be more lines and wrinkles, October 2011 and these will be much deeper around the eyes, nose and mouth

A team at University College Hospital, Besancon, in France, conducted the first study on how sections of the face age at different rates related to sun exposure。 They demonstrated that a woman office worker or regular driver will age more quickly on the side where the skin faces the sun and heat - even through glass。

another study, by skin experts at boots, found even a few ho enters the oil cylinder through the oil valve urs sitting in a car in April resulting in skin damage linked to aging. Signs can include dark spots, wrinkles, droopy and leathery skin and broken blood vessels。

according to the British Daily Mail on September 7, "even with windows", sunlight will give you wrinkles

as we all know, exposure to the sun without sunscreen will cause wrinkles. However, those who think that they will not cause skin damage because they are covered by glass when driving or because of backlight will be surprised after reading this article

the damage caused by sunlight passing through the glass to the skin is so great that the cheek facing the light for a long time looks 7 years older than the other cheek. The latest research also shows that even in April, it can cause skin damage as long as you are in the car for a few hours. The study found that the "aging" effect of autumn sunshine is more serious than expected

glass can indeed block the UVB in the sunlight, but it can't resist 50% of the UVB (it's this UV that promotes combustion and aging) into the room. Famous dermatologists and photobiologists warn that regular exposure to ultraviolet light means that the skin ages twice as fast as it is protected. At that time, there will be more gullies and wrinkles on the face, and the lines around the eyes, nose and mouth will be much deeper

a research team from University College Hospital in Besancon, France, recently conducted the first study on the relationship between different degrees of facial aging and sun exposure. Research shows that the cheeks of female clerks and drivers facing the sun and heat age faster than the other half - even through glass

another study conducted by skin experts in boots, UK, showed that sitting in a car for a few hours in April can lead to aging related skin damage. Signs of aging are: stains, wrinkles, sagging skin, orange skin and capillary rupture

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