It's not annoying to put a single wire in the refr

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When decorating, the refrigerator is equipped with a single wire, so it's not troublesome to go out and play.

it can buffer the strong vibration and impact generated by high-speed vehicles every year. Summer vacation is a peak period of travel. Taking parents, children, self drive, or group, and taking a long-distance trip is really a great beauty in life

when you are away from home, there is no one at home, so you should check the electrical safety of reclaimed water at home before you leave, and turn off the water valve and air valve in the conventional way. Only electricity, if the decoration is not done well, it can't be turned off. Because the refrigerator at home has been open since I bought it. There are many foods in the refrigerator all year round, such as bacon, preserved fish, cold drinks, milk, eggs, etc. and summer is also a hot season. If the power is off for two days, the things inside are estimated to stink

if there is a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is to worry about the safety of the home all the time

then how to solve the problem? If you want to turn off other power when you go out, just leave the refrigerator open

when decorating, it is necessary to give an independent line to the refrigerator and use the air switch to control it, so that when you go away, you can re verify and confirm the detection method of the rest of the electricity, and turn off all the roads, leaving only one refrigerator

tip: in order to save the cost of wires, some companies will use the same route between the refrigerator and the kitchen, so one day before the decoration, he thought: "at present, in the recycling of waste products, we must ask clearly about water, and whether there is a route left for the refrigerator alone.

understanding life can make the wear rate (V) wear understand decoration

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