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The whale devours the tiger, wait and see! Counting the major mergers and acquisitions of such instruments

devouring the original means devouring a lot of land finance, which is often derogatory. However, in the instrument industry, acquisition and merger are one of the important strategies for the healthy and rapid development of many enterprises. When it comes to specific surface and aperture analysis instruments, it is well known that the circle is very narrow, and there are only a few well-known enterprises. However, in the past two years, half of the well-known brands at home and abroad have been acquired and merged. Just recently, one of the leading brands in the industry, Mike instruments changed ownership of SFW, which once again caused a sensation in the industry. On this occasion, the instrument information specially released a special inventory draft to review the major acquisitions and mergers in the surface and aperture analysis market in the past two years, according to the chronological order of acquisitions and mergers

from 2017 to the end of 2019, a total of four domestic and foreign manufacturers have been acquired in China's specific surface and aperture analyzer related fields, including one domestic and three foreign manufacturers. Among them, there was one acquisition at the end of 2017, one acquisition in 2018, and two acquisitions in 2019. Details are shown in the following table:

specific surface and aperture analysis related instrument manufacturers Merger and acquisition case form

acquiree (merger) acquiree (merger) acquiree (merger) acquiree (merger) acquisition method acquiree (merger) acquisition time acquiree (merger) acquiree's main business important senior management changes leave (change) take office (change) Beijing Jingwei Gaobo science and Technology Co., Ltd. Dandong Baite Instrument Co., Ltd. acquired particle detection instrument Zhong Jiaxiang in October 2017

Gu Yanling, Ma Zhiyuan

Yang Feng

Dong Qingyun, cantar instruments, Austria Anton Paar, acquired Scott Lowell, such as density, concentration, carbon dioxide, rheometer, particle size analyzer, etc. in February 2018; Lauren spectorgcortolezis sup macpher Bayer company Verde group acquired pumps and laboratory solid sample pretreatment and grinding, crushing and screening equipment in June 2019 -- SFW acquisition of Mike instruments company in December 2019 private equity offers options for different impact properties, weather resistance and scratch resistance investment Preston hendrixterry Kelly

tm capital

teamed up with Baxter to restructure Jingwei and its performance kept rising

in the list of acquisitions and mergers in this inventory, Jingwei Gaobo is the only domestic instrument manufacturer. Jingwei Gaobo was founded by Zhong Jiaxiang, a professor at Beijing University of technology and a pioneer of China's nitrogen adsorption instrument, and Gu Yanling, a former general manager. On October 12, 2017, at the company's financing restructuring conference, Dandong Baite, a well-known domestic laser particle sizer manufacturer, officially joined Yang Feng and Ma Zhiyuan to take shares in Jingwei Gaobo, with a view to promoting the strong alliance of powder material physical property analysis instrument companies of both sides

after the financing restructuring, Dong Qingyun, as the largest shareholder, served as the chairman of Jingwei Gaobo, Yang Feng as the CEO, and Ma Zhiyuan as the general manager. Professor Zhong Jiaxiang, the founder, and Gu Yanling, the former general manager, resigned, but still served as the company's director. Zhong Jiaxiang also served as the chief scientist of the company. After the reorganization, Dandong Baite and Jingwei Gaobo still operate independently, but they have carried out a lot of cooperation and mutual assistance in the market and channel resources

according to Mazhiyuan, general manager of Jingwei Gaobo, since the reorganization, the performance increment of Jingwei Gaobo has exceeded 20% year by year, and the channel of the American market was officially opened in 2019. In terms of R & D, the company continued to innovate on the basis of deep technological accumulation. First, it launched a new steam adsorption analyzer in 2018, and then cooperated with a German company to develop a competitive adsorption analyzer in 2019. In the same year, the company also recruited nearly 40% of new employees mainly R & D talents, and established a stronger product R & D team. Based on this, the company is also expected to launch many new products in 2020

Xidu Austria cantar has a lot of products to be published

at present, looking at the whole specific surface related technology field, if the two American brands of Mike instrument and cantar are the top 2 at the tip of the pyramid, there should be no much dispute. Cantar was founded by Professor Dr. S. Lowell in 1968. In the development process of more than 40 years, it has always been committed to the measurement technology innovation of powder and porous materials, and the design and manufacture of corresponding instruments. As soon as it entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, it achieved a fivefold growth in the first six years

who ever thought of the sudden earthquake in February 2018, cantar was officially acquired by Anton Paar, becoming the seventh subsidiary of this famous Austrian analytical instrument manufacturer. Georg cortolezis sup, executive director of production and procurement of antonpa, will be responsible for managing the new member. Scott Lowell, former president of Canta, and Lauren Spector, former CFO, will step down

this acquisition is a perfect supplement to the particle characterization in Anton Paar's product portfolio. At present, Canta's products have been officially incorporated into Anton Paar's product system, and belong to the material characterization sector together with Anton Paar's inherent laser particle sizer, nano particle sizer, material mechanical property characterization instrument, atomic force microscope and other products

it should be said that since the acquisition, cantar, which was acquired by antonpa, is basically in the integration period, and the changes in product innovation and market effect are not significant. However, Wang Debin, general manager of Anton Paar China, said that the company had basically completed product optimization, structure adjustment and personnel reorganization for cantar in 2019. Qianlong can wait. It is worth looking forward to where cantar instruments will go in the future

changes and changes after acquisition

michikbayer is a well-known pioneer of surface analysis technology in Japan, and its popularity and market share in the Chinese market have increased gratifying in recent years. On June 3, 2019, Verde group officially acquired Japan's michikbayer and the United States from Nikkiso Co. Ltd

this acquisition is the least changed event in this inventory. The acquisition follows the consistent principle of Ford acquisition - and writes the decimal point of the problem - to maintain the operational independence of its brands, and the personnel structure and operation mode remain unchanged. Dr. Kazuyuki Nakai will continue to serve as the managing director of maccaballe. For the moment, the sales of maccaballe products in China will continue to be exclusively represented by Dachang Huajia

at the end of the year, Mike instrument was introduced into a large consortium

just last Friday, Mike instrument, one of the leading brands of particle surface area and porosity measurement instruments, sent a heavy message. SFW capital partners, a well-known private equity investment company that has successively invested in water world and Mettler Toledo, made another strategic capital reorganization of MIC instruments

Preston Hendrix, the president of MIC instruments, resigned, but Hendrix family will still retain a considerable stake in mic instruments. At the same time, members of the senior leadership team of MIC instruments have also become shareholders of MIC instruments. Terry Kelly, a former president of TA instruments and a famous material characterization expert, served as CEO of MIC instruments (previously, Terry Kelly was officially appointed as an operating partner by SFW in May this year). In addition, TM capital acted as the financial advisor of MIC instruments

according to foreign media reports, since its establishment in 2007, SFW has completed 18 investments and is expected to invest more than US $800million. The relevant person in charge said that the areas SFW will focus on include diagnosis, academia, biopharmaceutics, energy, testing and measurement equipment in many end markets such as food and agriculture, as well as laboratory and field instruments, laboratory automation products, consumables and reagents. It is reported that after being acquired, MIC instruments also plans to implement several strategic growth plans with the strategic support of SFW, including launching new products, expanding sales and services, and strategic acquisitions


in the instrument industry, acquisitions and mergers often aim to expand business and brand influence by loading experiments at a constant rate through capital operation. The acquiree and the acquirer get more capital and channel support, and the acquiree and the acquirer expand their product line portfolio or investment layout potential technology. In most cases, acquisition and merger will bring win-win benefits, but this process will often also bring a series of integration, reorganization and replacement of personnel, management, market cognition, sales, and even the change of the whole operation concept. If not handled properly, it will also bring long-term pain

in the long run, are the four brands mentioned in this article the winners of mergers and acquisitions? It is still too early, but there is undoubtedly one thing we can know - the market where the application of surface and aperture analysis related technologies makes it impossible for the experimental machine to carry out is in rapid development, and the competitive influx of capital is the best evidence. With the continuous big moves, the competition in this segment of the market is also likely to become more intense in the future

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