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The electricity meter reading is easy to identify. Will you read it this time

classification of electricity meters

(1) electricity meters can be divided into DC electricity meters and AC electricity meters according to the circuit they use. For example, our household power supply is AC, so it is AC electricity meters

(2) AC watt hour meters can be divided into single-phase watt hour meters, three-phase three wire watt hour meters and three-phase four wire watt hour meters according to their circuit. In the stage of high-speed development, single-phase watt hour meters are generally used in families, but three-phase four wire watt hour meters are also used in villas and large power households, and three-phase three wire and three-phase four wire watt hour meters are used by industrial users

(3) the watt hour meter can be divided into electrical mechanical watt hour meter and electronic watt hour meter according to its working principle

principle of watt hour meter

from the working principle, watt hour meters can be divided into traditional induction watt hour meters and electronic watt hour meters

the household inductive watt hour meter is mainly composed of series electromagnet (coil and load in series), parallel electromagnet (coil and load in parallel), aluminum disk and pellethane TPU. The main advantages include: excellent anti kink, elasticity, flexibility and several mechanisms

electronic watt hour meters are manufactured with advanced technologies such as large-scale special integrated circuits and high reliability stepping motors. It has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, wide load (current overload multiple 6 times), low power consumption (the electricity consumption of the meter itself is 1W), long service life, light weight, low latency, etc

how to look at the power meter

single phase watt hour meter

the reading of the meter shown in the figure is: 3135 degrees (the red part can not be read). If the reading last month was 3100 degrees, then the subtraction between the two is the power consumption of this month: 35 degrees

three-phase four wire watt hour meter

the actual power consumption is the multiplication of the three-phase watt hour meter and the reading of the transformer. For example, we use a current transformer with a connection of 75/5. As long as we are a conscientious person, the final reading of the meter should be multiplied by 15 to be the actual power we use

smart meter

smart meter has only one LCD screen. If it is single-phase, it will directly display the total power and remaining power. Direct reading is OK

if it is an IC card meter, only the LED display is a single card meter. There will be a small red dot on the meter. If the red dot jumps to the place where it is always used, it is always used, and if it jumps to the place where it is surplus, it is surplus

dual graphics card table, you can read it above or below

direct reading of Three-phase Prepaid Meter, and the reading of mutual inductance meter multiplied by the multiplier of mutual inductor

peak, peak, average and valley refer to the tariff period, and peak represents the highest electricity price, and so on. This is actually designed by the Mechanical Department of electric fatigue experiment to encourage us to use electricity in non peak hours. Your total power consumption is calculated according to the sum of these four values

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