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Equipment manufacturing: under the background of slowdown, "tradition" will still be weak

it is difficult for the construction machinery industry to make a substantive breakthrough in the second half of the year. Due to the low base, it will increase by 20%. The recovery of the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year is weak. The slowdown in the growth rate of infrastructure, the tightening of liquidity and the peak of new real estate construction have made the demand lack upward momentum. The annual growth forecast was lowered to 5% to 10%. However, due to the exceptionally low base in the second half of last year, the sales growth rate in the second half of last year could reach 20%

the adjustment of energy structure drives the fracturing equipment and LNG equipment to maintain a high level. After the advent of the first generation of new mini in 2001, the shale gas exploitation in Sichuan Province is progressing smoothly, and the output is expected to reach 100million cubic meters this year. LNG filling stations will be rapidly rolled out in Sichuan Province. The price rise of natural gas can still ensure the fuel economy of LNG heavy trucks at least 15%. In the next three years, the growth rate of fracturing equipment is about 30%, while the growth rate of LNG equipment industry is expected to reach 70%

the labor force in the manufacturing industry has more participation from foreign exhibitors. What is the correct method to calibrate the speed and force value of the tension machine in the robot system integrator industry? Benefits: major robot manufacturers have reported that the demand for robots in China is improving this year. Except for the automotive industry, the demand for electronics and food and beverage has accelerated. In the industrial chain, local system integrators have greater development advantages and are more certain to expand to ontology manufacturing. The overall strength of China's new material industry will leap to the forefront of the world. The growth rate of the robot industry will remain around 30. The upgrading of manufacturing structure drives the rapid growth of 3D printing: 3D printing has three application levels. In the rapid growth period, printer products that can directly print metal parts; It is 3D printers used for model design that have entered the steady growth stage; What is expanding rapidly is consumer grade printers for desktops

among the newly rich who are generally overvalued, the most likely to exceed expectations are LNG equipment and 3D printing: for the growth industry, we should focus on trends rather than revaluation, so the industry should choose the most likely to exceed expectations. Our order is LNG equipment 3D printing industrial robot fracturing equipment

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