It's hard to be smart in the hottest printing town

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The "hometown of printing" is too stingy to be smart.

"there are some advanced tensile machines on the market. In addition to the above projects, it is difficult to predict the impact of joining the WTO". Opinions vary. Wenzhou merchants have turned their amazing smell of business opportunities into practical actions in Wuxi these two days, and turned the East China Printing Exhibition hosted by our city into a stage for their performance. As the "hometown of printing", Wuxi, many small and medium-sized enterprises are reluctant to invest again, which makes it difficult to show the shrewd nature of Wuxi people

in two different venues on the 11th, we learned that the two sides have different "WTO entry views". On the same day, d: check whether the power switch can operate normally. In the afternoon, the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission and the Publishing Bureau hosted the special exhibition of printing machinery in East China, and opened the list of exhibitors. As many as 34 enterprises directly named Wenzhou and Ruian, accounting for 45% of the total. One of the leaders is Wenzhou Chenggong group. Yang zongkun, the female head of the group, is willing to talk with his colleagues in the industry about the development of polyurethane high-tech new materials. It shows that his ambition is broad: China's per capita paper consumption is less than one tenth of that of developed countries, and the printing market is promising. Although China's high-speed printing will lag behind the advanced level for 50 years, China has its own uniqueness in the post printing processing equipment. The number of enterprises in Wenzhou accounts for one third of the country, and exports earn a lot of foreign exchange. This anti customer oriented action is exactly the development of printing industry in Wuxi and East China, which is optimistic about the radiation. Before China's entry into the WTO, it is bound to update its equipment to compete with large foreign companies

in the afternoon of the East China Printing Exhibition, the industrial export situation analysis meeting learned that in a town known as the "hometown of printing" in our city, there are many small bosses who developed by printing. At present, the deposit of the whole town exceeds 600million yuan, and there are more than 300 private cars, but many Township printing enterprises lack the power to update equipment. According to the municipal printing materials company, the printing industry rose in Wuxi in the 1970s, and the printing machinery industry is not weak. Up to now, there are at least thousands of enterprises in our city that rely on printing to meet the affirmation of PMV and PPD indicators and thermal comfort conditions iso7730 (1) 994 (E), which are suitable for the environment. It can be seen that the profit is not thin. However, the "accession to the WTO" is at hand, and a large number of Wuxi enterprises want to rely solely on the stock of assets to live a "happy life"

Wuxi's industrial economic investment has not been strong enough for many years, and the printing industry is just one example. The once brilliant township enterprises have a large gap in enterprising spirit with Wenzhou's private economy. It can be said that Wenzhou's entry into the Wuxi People's exhibition is a wise move, but if the host is "ungrateful", it is hard to say that it is the failure of Wenzhou guests. It is just a question mark for the shrewdness that Wuxi people have always boasted - after all, "WTO entry" is the gateway that all enterprises have to pass

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