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"Three looks, two questions and one listen" it's not a matter to choose the right fingerprint lock quality goods

with the popularity of the anti-theft security function of fingerprint lock, more and more families begin to adopt it, but facing the numerous fingerprint lock brands in the market, dealers only need to use both eyes and ears, remember "three looks, two questions and one listen", and choose the right fingerprint lock with good quality and guaranteed profits

at first, enterprises must understand whether fingerprint lock manufacturers have strong financial strength, which is an important guarantee for enterprises to resist market risks and continue to operate stably. Moreover, a cash strapped and small-scale enterprise is also difficult to meet the batch needs of dealers, and the market development of dealers will also be constrained; However, strong financial strength is not enough. It also depends on whether fingerprint lock is the main business of the enterprise

some large enterprises with diversified businesses only regard fingerprint lock as their marginal business, and their specialization in fingerprint lock technology, resource allocation and operation is often less than that of some specialized fingerprint enterprises, which is difficult to become a powerful backing for dealers different from the aerospace field; Fingerprint lock is a precision product. A finished product needs to be manufactured through nearly 100 strict and exquisite standard processes. Product outsourcing or partial production naturally makes it difficult to control product quality. Therefore, whether an enterprise has a strong technology research and development team is also very critical

Second, look at the business model

an excellent business model is an important guarantee for dealers' profits. Compared with other fingerprint locks, an enterprise's fingerprint lock needs to be able to target a differentiated market with high growth expectations and meet the needs of this market in terms of functional performance, so that it can have strong market competitiveness; As a precision and close to life product, fingerprint lock must carry out continuous product research and development and investment, have a clear product concept, and need a national service network and perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service support, so as to have a strong development potential in the market

three look Technology:

fingerprint lock is a high-tech product. Only fingerprint lock with core technology can be invincible in the fierce market competition. Excellent fingerprint lock products often have independent intellectual property rights and multiple patents on key technologies such as fingerprint identification algorithm and lock body mechanism. Those enterprises that blindly imitate others or simply purchase and assemble will not only have considerable risks in the overall control of products, but also face legal risks of intellectual property rights at any time in the business operation, so it is difficult to make great progress, not to mention how to ensure the sustainable operation of dealers

from July 1 this year,

ask for safety. As a kind of security products, the safety and reliability of fingerprint lock is the primary factor for customers to consider. Dealers should also take special consideration to understand the ability of the fingerprint lock to resist technical opening, violent opening and misoperation: living anti fake fingerprint, super-B lock head, true insert lock body, U-shaped free handle, automatic locking, etc. are all necessary qualities of a safe fingerprint lock

second question quality control. Only with scientific and rigorous quality control can the quality of fingerprint lock be stable and reliable. On the one hand, if an enterprise does not have basic experimental means to test the normal stability of electronic parts, mechanical parts and surface technology of fingerprint lock, such as service life, damp heat, high and low temperature, salt spray, vibration, etc., the quality control of fingerprint lock is very questionable; On the other hand, enterprises' compliance with and handling of industry standards is also an important aspect of considering their quality control. Industry standards are often the minimum standards for industry access. At present, excellent fingerprint lock enterprises are far higher than industry standards at 80%, especially in key performance standards such as fingerprint lock rejection rate and error rate

therefore, dealers must ask about the measurement of industry beam displacement by enterprise products. The reason is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. Try to avoid those products struggling on the basis of industry standards; At the same time, reasonable technology is also an important aspect of the quality control of fingerprint lock. For example, electronic components should adopt structural design and protection to avoid additional damage. Mechanical frequently moving parts such as handle, lock tongue, clutch inspiration and positioning paddle must adopt corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials and corresponding protection technology, so as to ensure the long service life of fingerprint lock

but it is not universal

go to the market and listen to the voice. If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of fingerprint lock product quality, service, enterprise reputation, etc., it is also a necessary link to properly listen to the evaluation of all aspects. Fingerprint lock manufacturers know themselves and their products best, so the most comprehensive information is to listen to the introduction of the enterprise itself

in order to prevent the introduction of enterprises from losing objectivity, it is also necessary to listen to the side evaluation. Generally, fingerprint lock manufacturers that conduct large-scale production and sales can form relatively stable and objective evaluation after long-term market verification, especially those who can win major projects and major customers and cooperate repeatedly must have considerable strength

at the same time, the use evaluation of direct users can also reflect problems, such as whether the product has serious defects and whether the after-sales service is perfect; Listening to the evaluation of its competitors in many ways can also identify and obtain some real information about product quality and technical strength

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