It's difficult to make bags. It's hard to open you

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It is difficult to make bags, and it is difficult to open the mouth of the bag. Remember these methods must be right

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core tip: the key work of flexible packaging needs to be carried out is dry composite film and extruded composite film. There are often problems that the friction coefficient is too large, resulting in difficulties in bag making and opening of bag mouth. This paper analyzes the reasons and corresponding countermeasures for reference

1. The ripening temperature is high, and the smoothing agent loses its function at high temperature. Especially for high-temperature cooking bags, rcpp has poor smoothness, and it is difficult to control the friction coefficient after high-temperature aging for a long time

2. The adhesive seeps into the inner surface, which affects the friction coefficient of the substrate film surface. Especially, there are few waste plastic recycling plants, and such problems are more likely to occur when the film is thin and corona treatment is excessive

3. The film substrate itself has poor smoothness; When extruding composite, there is no way to add lubricant. When extruding PE, the film is very sticky and the friction coefficient is large

4. The above reasons will cause difficulties in pulling materials during bag making, deviation of bag electric eye, inconsistent length and poor opening of bag. When blowing the opening of bag with air nozzle to pack, the opening of bag will stick together again after a period of time

1. Strictly control the spirit of the Paralympic Games, including the ripening time and temperature (according to the product ripening operation instructions)

2. Check the type or grade of adhesive, and appropriately increase the proportion of curing agent on the premise of ensuring the quality, but generally not more than 3%

3. Replace the defective substrate

4. The last remedy: spray powder before bag making and during extrusion compounding

5. Powder spraying equipment: use the powder spraying machine to reduce the friction coefficient μ From 0.5 to 0.15~0.3

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