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It's confusing to charge packaging fees for returns. There is no legal basis. During the "National Day" holiday, the hot home appliance market has also exposed many small problems. For the return of home appliances, even within 7 days of the "Three Guarantees", as long as the packaging box is missing or damaged, the mall will charge additional packaging fees. Consumers inevitably have doubts about this

on September 30, Ms. Yang, a citizen, bought a washing machine at the Lianqiang Gome store in Xining. On October 4, when washing clothes, Ms. Yang found that the washing machine always turned off automatically. After negotiation, according to the "Three Guarantees" regulations, the mall agreed to return the goods, but Ms. Yang must provide intact packing boxes. But the trouble is that Ms. Yang has thrown away the outer package of the washing machine. The merchant said that Ms. Yang could only return the goods after paying a packaging fee of 120 yuan. What points should we pay attention to? Let's go and have a look! Ms. Yang was puzzled: "it's natural to buy additional packaging. The packaging fee is really puzzling!"

the cost is only increased by $160. After visiting several large home appliance stores in the provincial capital, I learned that it has become an unwritten rule in this industry to charge varying degrees of packaging fees when returning home appliances. A home appliance salesman told that both manufacturers and dealers stipulated that the returned goods must be equipped with the original outer packaging. For the loss or serious damage of the outer packaging, consumers should pay the merchants the "unpacking fee" of the goods, that is, the so-called "packaging fee", which is generally charged at 5%. It has become a common practice for consumers to provide intact packing cases when returning or changing goods, or charge a certain fee. Because the manufacturer requires the packing box to be intact, the mall should ensure that the returned goods cannot affect the return to the factory

the relevant staff of Xining consumers' Association said that if there is no outer packaging for returns, especially home appliance returns, even during the "Three Guarantees" period, many consumers will encounter businesses asking for packaging fees, otherwise the return will be far away, and this method of asking for packaging fees alone is incorrect. Because the "Three Guarantees" regulation does not stipulate that no siloxane is inorganic and no return or exchange of goods is allowed in the packaging box, the merchant or manufacturer's self-test steps: the regulation of "returning goods with intact packaging" has no legal basis

source: China Communications Radio

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