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Huang Fang: the only female crane driver in Hanzhong can't challenge

Huang Fang: the only female crane driver in Hanzhong can't challenge

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she is the only female crane driver in Hanzhong. She is the mother of two children. With her own strength, she made four stars Li Changyu, Dong Qing, Wang Leehom and SA Beining applaud her, and her own life experience made the audience burst into tears. She is Huangfang, the first female man from Yangxian County in Hanzhong to take the stage of "challenging the impossible" on CCTV

"I'm going to challenge the impossible and prove that I can"

on the evening of December 18, at the scene of a CCTV program "challenge the impossible", the host SA Beining gave an order, and a large crane slowly drove into the scene, driven by Huang Fang, 29, the only female crane driver in Hanzhong, Yang county

Huang Fang, a female man from Yang county on CCTV's "challenge impossible" stage,

according to the challenge rules: Huang Fang needs to operate a crane to hoist a high-speed rotating fan, and then cross three glass obstacles in turn. When passing the third glass obstacle, he also needs to use the fan to extinguish all candles on both sides of the glass within one minute. If he successfully passes the three obstacles and the glass is not broken, he will be successful in the challenge. The challenger has three chances

"during the rehearsal, glass slag splashed on the protective board and made a deep mark on the protective board. The protective board was less than five meters away from the glass barrier, and the minimum gap between the fan diameter and the glass barrier was 10 cm. If there was no such protective board, it would definitely hurt people." Sabine produces complex shaped components with multiple functions and customized structural performance

"this is impossible!" On the eve of the challenge, Yaobin, an old driver with more than ten years of hoisting experience, sighed that he had no hope for Huang Fang's challenge

"I'm going to challenge the impossible, and I'm going to prove that I can!" Facing the audience, Huang Fang was full of confidence

during training and rehearsal, the fan page broke more than 100 pages

everything was ready. Huang Fang started the crane, turned on the electric fan, and adjusted the handle and jib very attentively. After the fan operated stably, she drove the crane calmly, driving the fan to approach the glass barrier accurately

since the electric fan rotates at a high speed constantly and is suspended on the crane forearm more than 10 meters away from the cockpit through a lifting rope, the electric fan is not fixed in a balanced position and moves on different horizontal lines at any time. In order to successfully pass the high-speed rotating electric fan through the glass grid, the degree of precision is no less than precision surgery. During the challenge, Huang Fang sat in the cab, unable to see the obstacles between the electric fan and the glass, and moved the electric fan only by experience and feeling. Moreover, the distance between the diameter of the electric fan and the glass is very small. If there is a slight deviation, the previous efforts may be wasted

when all the judges and audience held their breath, and some people had turned sideways to hold their heads and were ready to protect the glass fragments, the fan with high speed and high pointer return to zero successfully passed through the glass obstacles again and again. When the electric fan blew out the last candle, the scene instantly applauded, and Huang Fang successfully completed the challenge

"from the early training to the late rehearsal, more than 100 fan pages were broken, more than 10 motors were broken, and a lot of broken glass was piled up." Huang Fang said. She set out from her hometown to Beijing on October 20 and trained normally for 18 days. The program was recorded on November 9

in August this year, Huang Fang learned from her friends who were repairing cranes in Xi'an that the CCTV "challenge impossible" program team was looking for female crane drivers with first-class technology to participate in the challenge program. She is determined to challenge and prove her strength. Therefore, she went to Xuzhou twice in August and September this year to participate in the trials. Through multiple rounds of competition, she stood out from nearly 30 contestants from projet MJP 56001

"the three glass obstacles to show her driving skills were planned by the program team. We temporarily increased the difficulty of the second five-star glass obstacle, and added glass to the corners at both ends of the gap that the fan can only pass through. However, her psychological quality is very strong, and her performance is really good, which is completely beyond my expectation!" Li Xiang, director of CCTV's "challenge impossible" program group, introduced

she shared her husband's worries and learned to drive a crane, but her husband died because of an accident.

Huang Fang's husband served as a driver's squad leader when serving in the army, and retired in 2005. The next year, he met Huang Fang and got married. After marriage, the couple decided to make every effort to change the face of family poverty. The husband gave full play to his strengths and bought an agricultural vehicle. The husband and wife sold apples and collected garbage together

after a few years, my husband took a look at the hoisting industry again. The couple dumped all their money and borrowed money from many places to buy a crane and forklift, and started a hoisting business. The young couple have a clear division of labor between men and women

whenever she sees her husband go out early and return late and work hard, she wants to share some for her husband. So Huang Fang persuaded her husband to let him teach him how to drive a crane. Huang Fang is a mountain woman in Madong village, Longting Town, Yang county. When she got married, she couldn't even ride a bike. Just under the guidance of her husband, she was proficient in cranes, forklifts, motorcycles and cars, and obtained a B2 driver's license. The couple worked hard and treated people with integrity, and soon won the recognition of the industry. Their business became better and better, and the number of cranes increased to three

there was an unexpected situation. Last July, seeing that the huge debt owed by buying a car was about to be paid off, her husband was unfortunately killed in an accident, leaving her parents over 60 years old and two children, one big and one small

the female man who refused to lose propped up the incomplete home alone

after the "challenge is impossible" success, people were shocked by Huang Fang's exquisite skills, but also moved by her rough experience and tenacious perseverance

"after my husband's accident, I almost collapsed. I thought of dying and went to accompany him. I hardly went out for more than two months, and I don't know how I survived." Finally, Huang Fang survived the great grief. When her husband had an accident, the drivers employed in the store left one after another, and many business customers interrupted contact. Kind relatives and friends also advised her to sell the hoisting machinery as soon as possible and pay off the debt first

looking at the elderly parents and two young sons at home, touching the cold hoisting machinery left by her husband, Huang Fang, who was besieged on all sides, decided to give it a go. She quickly hired a driver and started the business with her

Huang Fang is a person who refuses to admit defeat and wants to make the best of everything. Facing the family's age and debt, she couldn't bear to let the career she and her husband had run together be destroyed. She said, "this is technical work. Even the premier respected the spirit of craftsmanship and encouraged the public to start businesses. I want to make a breakthrough! Only with good technology can there be a good reputation, fewer safety accidents, more ways to live, and a successful career!"

for more than a year, she has devoted herself to the training of driving skills of hoisting machinery, consulted her peers, practiced repeatedly, and finally practiced her skills to a skilled level. "When I get on the crane, I can feel my husband's breath, and we seem to be still together." She said

in the first two months, there was almost no business. Huang Fang was taking care of her children. During the interval of intensive training, she went to the construction site where she had dealt with before alone, and also spread the information about the restart of her small store to her circle of friends. Occasionally, when encountering a business, she often drives by herself to provide the best service for customers. At first, many customers were not very confident about her technology, but after oneortwo cooperation, they often looked at her with new eyes

"we have been dealing with each other for several years. She is honest, not serious about doing business, and has excellent skills." Han Xinhua, a reinforcement processing contractor at the construction site of provincial highway 230 project, said. Slowly, the industry learned that due to the general sampling frequency of 2000Hz, there was a female crane driver in Yang county who was honest in business and considerate in service, and her business was gradually getting better

son: "I hope my mother can become a monkey king and accompany me separately"

at present, Huang Fang and his family rent in Yangxian county. For the sake of her career, Huang Fang hired another driver. Three cranes and a forklift in her rental shop work almost every day. She is so busy that she sometimes can't even eat. This is difficult for her two children. Forced by helplessness, she directly handed over her youngest son to her parents in law, and let her eldest son go to the custody class

"in the past, my father was there, my mother was not busy, and my home was very warm. After my father was gone, I often couldn't even see my mother all day long. I really hope she will become a monkey king and spend more time with me!" Said Qiang Junjie, Huang Fang's eldest son

"in our business, it's common to go out early and return late and live in the open air. Installing heavy equipment and rescuing vehicles in distress are all major events that you can't afford to wait. Sometimes you have to leave everything in your hand and drive out. Think about it. I'm really sorry for children. But in order for them to live a good life in the future, I have to fight like this!" Looking at her son, Huang Fang looked very guilty

although she works very hard at ordinary times, Huang Fang never forgets to take care of her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Every once in a while, she would go home to visit the second old man between work, and buy whatever she lacked at home. "She knows very well and never speaks loudly in front of us. Especially after the accident, she became my own daughter." Huang Fang's 60 year old father-in-law Qiang Zhixi sincerely sighed

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