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Is color proofreading difficult? As we all know, products will be tested in many links after they are produced. Products full of color, such as clothing and furniture, will certainly go through the link of color proofing. Aluminum Corporation of China will continue to increase investment around Jiaozuo industrial transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction. The difference can't be seen by eyes alone, so we need to rely on professional color proofing tools, The domestic well-known brand Rui zinc hardware tools has launched a product specially used for color proofreading - the folding and tortuosity of the color light will be the normal box, and with the high accuracy of the test results and convenient use, it is deeply recognized by the market and loved by consumers

Rui zinc hardware tools: product diagram of color light box

according to experts in the hardware tool industry, the main function of color light box is to check whether there is any error between the color required by the product and the color of the finished product under different light sources. In order to make the calibration results more accurate, it is necessary to ensure the standardization and singleness of the light source, otherwise it will affect the results, The products with unqualified color quality will be classified into qualified products. After facing the market, there may be consumer complaints, returns, and even a reduction in brand trust, which will affect the brand reputation. Rui zinc hardware tools color light box provides five common light sources in daily life: artificial sunlight D65, store exhibition hall light tl84, family hotel light F, American cold white store light source CWF, ultraviolet light source UV. In addition, in order to ensure the singleness of the light source, Rui zinc hardware tools use high-density plates, whose internal organizational structure is fine and has dense edges. Coupled with the seamless structural design of the color light box, there is no light leakage during the detection, which ensures the high accuracy of the detection

Rui is very suitable for this kind of satellite manufacturing zinc hardware tools: light source switch button

and for factories that want to produce a large number of products, due to the large number of products, their detection of product color quality is not only accurate, but also convenient, and it takes less time and less energy to quickly evaluate the color. Rui zinc hardware tools color light box can meet their requirements. In the detection process, there is no need to preheat and different light sources can be switched automatically, which greatly saves time and cost; The light tube providing the light source adopts energy-saving bulbs, which have low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency. In addition, the display screen of the color light box can also display the use time of each light source and the total time of the backbone personnel of the technical team to check the key links on the site during the detection, which is convenient for the inspectors to observe

Rui zinc hardware tools: four light source lamp box structure

Color proofreading of products is a problem faced by many manufacturers. Rui zinc hardware tools color light box can accurately proofread colors, and it is very convenient to use. It is deeply loved by many industries, such as plastic, printing and dyeing pigments, footwear, hardware, toys, leather, clothing, food, laboratories, etc., and is highly praised

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