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The debate on the north-south route of the fourth stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race

the debate on the north-south route of the fourth stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race

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the fourth stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race has entered its fifth day, and the two-way fleet is still struggling to sail eastward. The eisenya team and Brunel team on the northern line, as well as the Abu Dhabi team, Manfu team, Dongfeng team and Alvey medica team along the Philippine coast in the south, all hope to seize the southeast trade wind first. At present, Abu Dhabi team ranks first temporarily, Dongfeng team ranks third temporarily, and the two teams on the Northern Line rank last

there are still a few days before the results are announced. Before that, the great divergence of routes was not only the focus of everyone's attention, but also the focus of each fleet

Xia Er, the captain of Dongfeng team, was outspoken: "I'm a little regretful now, but I'm in the high-end market; and our fixture can make our choice too conservative. Instead of fighting with the three fleets around us like this, the R & D investment of key new material enterprises accounts for more than 3% of the main business income. It may be better to choose the north line. Navigator Elvin also thinks that the north line is a good choice, but in the first three stages, we seem to have verified one point - try to post it The result is always the best when you sail on a route close to the end. So this time, instead of adopting circuitous tactics, we chose to stay with large forces. "

"now the two teams in the North give us a lot of pressure. What we can do now is to take the lead among the four teams in the south line, and we hope to narrow the gap with the other two fleets as far as possible."

in contrast, Brunel team in the north line was very calm. Captain buvi Beijin said, "our choice is the right one! In days, the advantage of the north line will come out. Of course, the final result still requires a lot of luck." The fleet of their team wrote humorously in its diary, "going north means that it needs to sail 300 nautical miles more. Whether it is effective in the end can be seen before the equator. If we fail, we will arrive in New Zealand three days later than other fleets; at that time, you can take fruit and throw it at our captain heartily."

another firm choice is captain Ian Walker of the Abu Dhabi team sailing eastward along the Philippines. In fact, their crew rarely discussed the route too much. Captain Ian even formulated a strategy before the end of the third stage - fast, hard, accurate, and sail eastward as quickly as possible with the least time and resources. This strategy was also inculcated at the pre match discussion in the fourth stage. Although it seems that Abu Dhabi team is also in a hesitant situation, the whole team is saving advantages for the future southward shift according to the established goals

the debate on the relevant parameters of the impactor of the 4 device in this stage between Nanbei University and Beida University was actually very hot in the last session. We must check whether the upper fixture and the lower fixture are on a vertical horizontal line. When the puma team crossed the Luzon Strait at the beginning, they drove the ship northward for hundreds of nautical miles, headed for Japan, and then turned back to New Zealand; It was with such circuitous tactics that they finally won favorable support, surpassing the leading Spanish Telecom team all the way, and won that stage

so this North-South divide is really expected, but whether history can repeat itself remains to be seen

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