Analysis and Discussion on the high efficiency of

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Analysis and Discussion on the high efficiency of plastic milling machines in China

analysis and Discussion on the high efficiency of plastic milling machines in China

Zhangjiagang Huyue machine curve automatic following Machine Co., Ltd. believes that with the development of social science and technology, the competition in the plastic milling machine industry is becoming increasingly fierce. It is also very important for the maintenance of plastic mills. Zhangjiagang Huyue Machinery Co., Ltd. summarizes the key points of the use and maintenance of plastic mills based on years of production and service experience. It varies according to the types and working conditions of various testing and experimental machines produced by Jinan assaying. General precautions are:

(1) check the bearing temperature frequently. If the temperature is too high, check whether the lubrication and transmission parts are normal, and whether the rolling distance is too tight. Find out the causes in time and take corresponding measures. If the situation is serious, stop the machine for inspection

(2) frequently check the tightness of the transmission belt. If the belt is too loose, it will reduce the transmission efficiency and affect the grinding effect. If it is too tight, it will easily cause bearing heating, increase power consumption and reduce the service life of the transmission belt

(3) all transmission parts must be fastened and reliable. Special tools should be used for disassembly or installation. It is forbidden to hit directly with tools such as hammer

(4) do not forget to check the pneumatic components. After the plastic pulverizer is started, it is necessary to often check whether there is air leakage or damage in the pneumatic components in the pneumatic circuit, the pneumatic circuit and the connection. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the air supply pressure meets the requirements. The use of the synchronous belt should also be checked frequently. If it is too tight, too loose, jumping, deviation, serious wear and other conditions, it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced in time. The oil storage of the oil atomizer in the three

coupling of the air source should be checked regularly, and 20 # spindle oil must be added to prevent the small hole of the pipeline from being blocked

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the company has always followed the business philosophy of treating each other with sincerity, faith-based and excellence, and is willing to work with people from all walks of life to jointly develop and establish to avoid loosening; Change the placement environment of the experimental machine, don't be too wet, long-term and stable business contact, warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants and friends to visit and guide, choose and buy equipment, we will sell the best at the most preferential price, the highest quality, and the best 4 The working environment should be cleaned and the service should work closely with you to continuously meet the needs of users

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