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Notice of annual meeting of work information and expert committee of China paint

notice of annual meeting of work information and expert committee of China paint

December 27, 2010

[China paint information] expert member of China Paint Industry Association, editorial board member of China paint, informant, relevant personnel of paint enterprises:

in order to further make the "12th Five Year" development plan of the paint industry, In order to promote the rapid and sustainable development of the publishing and distribution system of China paint magazine, better run China paint magazine, provide better services for enterprises, promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, promote the reform and innovation of China paint magazine, explore and study the development path of China paint magazine, grasp the future service direction of the periodical industry, and make full use of external resources, It is an important issue that China paint magazine must seriously consider. In order to give full play to the important role of "China paint" magazine in paint scientific research, production and management decision-making; Summarize and discuss the publishing experience to improve the quality of periodicals; Continuously strengthen the construction of the team and improve the quality of personnel. The Chinese coating industry expects that the domestic market share of can body materials of Yulian group will reach 20% to 25% in 2018. The industry association and China coating magazine Co., Ltd. decided to hold the 2010 annual meeting of work information of China Coating and the meeting of the expert committee in Xi'an on November, 2010. Now the relevant matters of the meeting are notified as follows:

first, the theme of the meeting: strengthening service awareness and striving for high-quality periodicals

Second, the content of the meeting

1, introducing the "12th Five Year" development plan of China's coating industry

2. How China's coating industry moves from a big country to a powerful country

3. Working meeting of Expert Committee of China Paint Industry Association

4. Work summary of China paint magazine

5. Key points of China paint magazine in 2011

6. Commendation of excellent editorial board members, excellent informants and excellent advertisers of China paint in 2010

7. Excellent editorial board members, excellent informants and advertiser representatives speak

8. Conference discussion - Theme: how to strengthen service awareness and create excellent journals

III. time and place of the meeting

1. Time: from November 27 to November 28, 2010, the meeting will be held on November 28 and visited on November 29. The duration of the meeting is 3 days. (due to the conflict with the schedule of the invited experts, the original time will be changed, and the current time will prevail)

2. Location: Meihua Jintang International Hotel, No. 79 West Street, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

bus route:

(1) train: take bus 205, 611, 251, 201 from the railway station to Guangji Street station; Taxi is about 6 kilometers

(2) plane: take the airport bus line 1 from the airport to the bell tower (Meilun Hotel) (the terminal breaks through the bottleneck), about 45 kilometers

Editorial Committee contact: Zhao Zhongguo fan Sen


e-mail: chinacoatingnet@

experts help them achieve the two most important goals at present - the meeting to improve fuel utilization contact: Ding Yanmei tlylb@

communication address: west side of the fourth floor, No. 158, chengshousi, Fengtai District, Beijing zip code: 100079

Hotel contact: Wang Qian Hotel: (029)

IV. participants

1 Expert member of China Paint Industry Association, editorial board member and informant of China paint, and correspondent of China paint information

2. Relevant personnel of member units

v. conference expenses: 1100 yuan/person (including conference accommodation, meals, materials, participation, bio based fiber plastic composites can achieve large-scale production

China Paint Industry Association

China paint magazine Co., Ltd.

August 10, 2010

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