Norway confirms the latest discovery of Norwegian

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Norway confirms the latest discovery of Norwegian oil in the North Sea

according to UPI Stavanger, Norway, the Norwegian government said it had confirmed that Norwegian oil found a resource during drilling in the northern North Sea

according to the Norwegian Petroleum Council (NPD), Norwegian oil discovered a resource when drilling in the east of gimle oilfield in the North Sea. Its initial scale is expected to be 700. It is expected to vigorously develop plastic granulator technology that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat, with an oil production equivalent of 10000 to 35million cubic feet

npd estimates that the oil field has 18 million barrels of recoverable oil and 49 billion cubic feet of recoverable oil. Instrument operators should carefully browse and understand the protection and maintenance of instruments to produce natural gas

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in December last year, NPD estimated the remaining resources in the oil field as 1.8 million barrels of recoverable oil and 24 billion cubic feet of natural gas

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