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With the acceleration of economic integration, in order to meet people's personalized and diversified spending needs, the topic of "big home" is becoming more and more popular in the home building materials industry. It can be said that "big home" is now the hottest concept in the home occupation. Of course, door and window manufacturers do not make an exception, and they are rubbing their hands on "big home" shopping malls. However, although shopping malls are very enthusiastic, this category is still in its infancy. Insiders pointed out that big home is a systematic project, and the real landing is very difficult

Internet home decoration "big home" strategy has become a trend

big home strategy, including other similar concepts, such as one-stop home service, Pan home, all home, whole house customization, brand alliance, etc., are carried out under the same logic. This logic is the cost demand of home decoration. The big home strategy should be said to partially comply with the needs of home decoration costs. Generally speaking, the big home strategy is that a home furnishing manufacturer begins to expand the relevant categories after a certain category is certain to be successful. The formulation of such a big home furnishing strategy stems from the knowledge of the need for home furnishing costs. It requires manufacturers to request products of multiple categories to meet the needs of the same home furnishing consumer for different home furnishing categories

the presentation and prevalence of the concept of "big home" has its objective setting, and consumers have the connotation demand of one-stop shopping. These people are usually middle and high-end consumers with strong spending ability. Under the influence of this demand, in recent years, furniture related manufacturers such as cabinets, home decoration, home appliances, building materials, etc. have taken big home as a long-standing policy to seek. But now there is not a big household brand that has influence all over the country. It can be said that all kinds of manufacturers are trying their best on the road of "big home", and no one has enjoyed the fruits of victory

home occupation is in the transition period, and "big home" is one of the directions. However, is big home suitable for all home manufacturers? Obviously not. Some small and medium-sized home furnishing manufacturers have said that although they see business opportunities in shopping malls, they may not be able to participate in cross-border operations due to capital, skills, talents and other factors. Even some large-scale manufacturers are cautious in embracing "big home"

then, who has the advantage between online home decoration channels and traditional manufacturers' transformation to expand home furnishings? Insiders believe that these two forms have their own advantages. Online home decoration channels can combine all kinds of capital, and the difficulty lies in supporting and coordination. Traditional manufacturers with professional foundation may have better combination and more controllable supply

therefore, for door and window manufacturers, planning the "big home" category also requires continuous demonstration and exploration, and consumers also need the process from understanding and cognition to final recognition. Therefore, the arrival of the "big home era" also requires door and window manufacturers to carry out more learning and testing

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