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On February 27, the dealer conference of "decisive 2017" customized by Kefan, one of the top ten brands of wardrobe, and the new release conference of "thinking about Kefan" Anxin board were grandly opened at the Vienna Hotel in Chencun, Shunde, Guangdong! Core dealers from all over the country and a number of well-known media friends, including Bo Jun media, Sina home, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, etc., participated together to share the growth and joy of Kefan, jointly witnessed the listing of Anxin board, and started the prelude for 3 ・ 15 consumers

(launch ceremony of Anxin board listing)

Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, first welcomed and thanked the guests, affirmed the excellent performance of overfulfilling the task in 2016, faced with the future of the industry where opportunities and challenges coexist, the rapidly changing social development and consumption trends, and described Kefan's 2017 plan in many ways. It was like a platoon of soldiers, strategizing, soul stirring and inspiring, which made the participants feel passionate. Chairman Lin revealed that the Anxin board to be launched in 2017 will bring more surprises and expectations to the market

(Chairman Lin's opening speech)

then, Tang Zhiqiang, director of Kefan customized brand department, launched new products at the meeting. Director Tang introduced the research and development process of Anxin board and dissected it in detail. Slogan, which launched the core board, "imported logs are more reassuring", and the new product release brightened the eyes of all dealers. Now, let's feel the charm of Anxin board

safety core

from February 1, the "technical requirements for environmental labeling products furniture" issued by the Ministry of environmental protection has been officially implemented, and the environmental protection constraints of the country, provinces and cities on the home industry are strengthening. This year, environmental protection issues are still the focus of attention of the industry and consumers. In recent years, a number of environmental protection standards for the household industry have been issued and implemented, oil paint has been changed to water paint, water-saving and energy-saving requirements for ceramic tiles and toilets have been upgraded, and the protection of wood raw materials has put forward higher requirements for the environmental protection of the household industry in many aspects and angles. In 2017, the popularity of environmental protection in the household industry remained unchanged, and environmentally friendly household products remained the mainstream of market consumption

in the new product launch of "Xunwei Kefan", a new environmental friendly and green board, Anxin board, is launched, which better confirms this point. The core board adopts non-toxic, no side effects, medical grade MDI glue as the adhesive, which rejects formaldehyde from the source. The formaldehyde in the board is a trace of formaldehyde that does not release from the wood itself. In order to better prove the environmental protection of the plate for consumers, the plate was cooked, and some of Kefan's partners tasted it, so that consumers could witness the product quality with action. This also prepares for the 3.15 consumer activities, provides higher product quality, and better meets the test of consumers

(try drinking water cooked with safety core board)

moisture proof core

customized furniture tailored for consumers, with unique style and fashionable personality, meets the personality needs of home owners. While paying attention to design, we should pay attention to the quality of furniture, extend the service life of furniture, and make consumers more worry free. Kefan customized products also pursue quality, which is not only the quality of products, but also the quality of services. The introduction of Anxin board can better improve the quality of products

(the display attracts onlookers)

kefan'an core board adopts water-insoluble MDI tape to achieve super waterproof performance. The crisscross special texture structure makes the product have excellent physical properties such as high strength, high waterproof and no deformation. MUF glue used for ordinary board is soluble in water, and MDI glue used for core board is insoluble in water, so it has super waterproof performance. According to the experimental test, the expansion rate of the core board is only 4% after being completely immersed in water for 48 hours. Starting from the production link, customize high-quality products, while ensuring that product services should keep up, saving you money, effort and worry. On the basis of the original high-quality board, Kefan will make the moisture-proof function of the new core board to the extreme

compression core

home furnishing, as a home related industry, can reflect people's quality of life and highlight the taste of home life through products. With the improvement of living standards, people's household consumption concept is also changing. From paying attention to price to quality, the business ideas of household enterprises are also changing, starting to change from selling products to selling lifestyle

Kefan attaches importance to the combination of design and life, and design is integrated into life, not divorced from life. With the launch of the new core board, the surface planing of the board is arranged vertically and the core planing is arranged horizontally. This crisscross structural arrangement reorganizes the wood texture structure and completely eliminates the impact of the internal stress of the wood on the processing. Because of its good processing performance, it can be cut, drilled, milled, planed and shaped in any direction, and it can be directly painted or pasted with decorative paper on the surface, so that the design concept can be better presented, Better integrate with life. In 2017, Kefan continued to deepen the idea of product delivery of life concept, "multi-point design, decorate life". The compression resistant core makes the design easier to integrate into life, but also makes consumers more worry free

(mass media interview with Director Lin)

taste of home ・ Kefan knows that in 2017, the whole house customization fever will continue to heat up, and Kefan continues to pay attention to refinement and dig deeply from design, service and products. The whole house customization can be said to meet the decoration needs of more consumers. From design to service, it can meet the needs of consumers for worry free decoration, which can not only make effective use of space, but also ensure the unity of style

in 2016, Kefan's product categories were constantly updated, from wardrobe to cabinet to whole house customization. In 2017, the product classification will be constantly enriched. Based on the original ice formaldehyde board, the core board will be added, and more kinds of boards will be selected. The "six cabinet families" series of Anxin board was launched worldwide. American cabinet families, Chinese cabinet families, simple European cabinet families, modern cabinet families, fashion cabinet families, and hybrid cabinet families were launched into the market with different characteristics and differentiated choices. While entering the market, it also enters thousands of households. In the future, we will continue to enrich the series, present more wonderful products, and let customized homes fly into the homes of ordinary people

this customized "decisive 2017" dealer conference and the new product launch of "thinking about cofan" Anxin board are just a prelude, and will bring you more surprises in the 3 ・ 15 event. In the new year, Kefan will continue to innovate, improve product quality with environmental protection, safety and excellent design, and touch people's yearning and love for elegant quality of life. Install core board, customize green and healthy home, and also hope to better integrate into life and consumers' homes. In the future, Kefan will subvert the development of enterprises and industries with a series of bold innovations. Let's witness it together




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