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There are many beautiful things hidden in the falling room, then a leaf, let it spin in your hand, watch it gradually restore calm, one after another vast leaves, each colorful, so many different postures fall, reflecting your personal life

federal Gordon designers choose colorful leaves as the theme of this wardrobe, and use the colorful leaves to show their different lives. Falling leaves represent the end of life, and each leaf chooses a different way to end its life. This courage is the embodiment of each of us' personality. In fact, what is the difference between people and leaves? It's just a trip in life, and finally we have to return to the original starting point

colorful fallen leaves, personalized life, frosted glass doors on the mirror can better reflect the novel and fashionable design and highlight the high-end atmosphere. The brilliance of the nearby lights is absorbed by them, which makes the decoration more magnificent. Low key but not gorgeous, giving a combination of static and dynamic beauty. It has been said that there are no two identical leaves in the world. Looking closely at this colorful deciduous style wardrobe, no matter its size, shape or dynamic feeling, it gives people a completely new feeling. The sandy leaves correspond with the black background, showing the flexible beauty that the designer wants to express

life is like a summer flower. Even at the last moment of life, you should show your beautiful side. The leaves are colorful. At this moment, show your personality

federal Gordon uses colorful leaves to show your personality. The design is novel and gives people a sense of freshness. Each leaf represents your personality, so beautiful and so determined. It belongs to your personality, and federal Gordon creates it for you




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