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In the middle of April every year, Milan, Italy, will always be crowded with people and traffic. Hundreds of designers and reporters from all over the world rush to Milan, just like migratory birds returning to the forest. What is it that makes them spend a lot of time and money to cross mountains and rivers and come to the "pilgrimage"

people who often pay attention to fashion information will immediately think of the answer, right! It is the annual Top exhibition of furniture and home design in the world - "Milan International Furniture Exhibition" has begun

Milan International Furniture Exhibition is the weathervane of the popularity of furniture, accessories and lamps all over the world. It is the forefront of modern furniture fashion design, and it is also a furniture event eagerly expected by people in the furniture industry all over the world every year. Let's follow the steps of yourong Italian home Xiaobian to learn about the highlights of the 2019 Milan Furniture Exhibition and feel the design charm of some participating brands

[exhibition time] April 09-14, 2019

[organizer] cosmot & Federalegno arredo

[exhibition hall name] Milan Fairgrounds (rho)

[exhibition hall address] Viale degli Alberghi 20017 Rho Mi

[exhibition type]

◆ furniture: Hotel, restaurant furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, leisure furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor garden appliances

◆ artworks: handicrafts, oil paintings, murals, photo frames, decorations, wallpaper, wall decorations

◆ kitchen and bathroom: overall kitchen, stove, food baking equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, kitchen facilities, western kitchen equipment, refrigeration equipment, cabinets, ice machines, ceramics, enamel products, other catering equipment, other kitchen utensils, other tableware, etc

◆ design: furniture supporting design, interior decoration design services and engineering

[general overview of the exhibition]

as an excellent exhibition of world furniture and home design, Milan International Furniture Exhibition and "Milan Design Week" are known as the global furniture and decoration event with its great design, excellent layout and turbulent crowd as elements. It is a design holy land for furniture, home furnishings, architecture, clothing, accessories, lamps, and design professionals all over the world to make an annual "pilgrimage"

in Milan, design, creativity, taste, science and technology, fashion and trends have been fully reflected. Italy, with its excellent world design and products, predicts the development trend of the furniture industry in the next few years and the changing trend of the global furniture market, which will have a significant impact on the furniture industry around the world


longhi is a synonym for refinement and elegance in Milan Furniture circle. For decades, with its unique design, exquisite workmanship and gorgeous materials, it has won the favor of the world's upstarts

through each product of Longhi, you can find the neoclassical charm hidden in its modern temperament, which is as amazing as a rose, but not vulgar, skillfully balancing the delicate, gorgeous and elegant charm

As a typical Italian home furnishing enterprise, poliform is a leader in the international furniture industry. Poliform has always maintained a keen touch on the modern lifestyle, and strives to bring the most in-depth design and the most extreme life to everyone who loves to enjoy it

rigorous workmanship and careful handling of details enable a piece of furniture to be used for decades without damage, which is one of the reasons why poliform has become a world-class furniture brand


the concise and generous Minotti has always been the representative of fashion furniture, with a high frequency. With traditional exquisite craftsmanship, the pursuit of high quality and unique design makes Minotti famous all over the world

After years of practice, Minotti's taste has not only established a solid position in the increasingly harsh market, but more importantly, it has gained new experience and further improved its outstanding quality. While exploring new directions and new technologies, it has developed known and unknown materials and created classic works with humanistic connotation and the pursuit of permanence

alf dafre

watching ALF dafre's furniture is a beautiful enjoyment. You can feel the latest trend and the most fashionable style in it. From the living room to the bedroom, from the dining room to the kitchen, Alf dafre adopts the same overall principle, pays attention to every detail and requirement, and has its own strict design and process standards for every piece of furniture

alf dafre not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, its versatility and conceptual depth are also reflected in the interpretation of increasingly diverse design trends, and realizes its own uniqueness with real design culture and unique creative design talents


moroso furniture pays attention to relatively simple lines, but the combination of lines is super popular; From the perspective of color, moroso will basically choose to abandon gold-plated silver, and pursue a strong visual impact with a relatively bold color block combination

the modular design can combine the sofa into different shapes according to your preferences. The maximum depth of 1.5m is like a big hug, which is simply more comfortable than a bed

the 2019 Milan Furniture Exhibition is on schedule. Invite your friends to participate in the global annual furniture design feast and witness the furniture fashion trend together. In addition to visiting the art of Milan Furniture Exhibition, there are many famous and fashionable tourist attractions in Milan

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