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It is difficult to create a brand, and it is even more difficult to keep a brand. In the final analysis, if a brand wants to develop and grow, it still needs "creation" to support it. For enterprises, creation is endless, and it is also a long-term thing for enterprises to do

laymen may feel strange to the name Li Junhong, but the mention of "paya" is absolutely thunderous inside and outside the industry, and Li Junhong is the chairman of paya and the founder of China's high-end aluminum alloy industry. Reviewing the entrepreneurial process of President Li, whether it is the start or the development, it is inseparable from the word "creation". From the founding of paya in 1999, which created a precedent for the large-scale production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, to the continuous improvement and improvement in innovation, making paya a leading brand in the industry. It can be said that the word "creation" has followed president Li for more than ten years. In Li Dong's view, whether people or enterprises, it is not enough to only be able to make, but also to create. The only hard truth is to change "manufacturing" into "creation". It is precisely because we never forget this awareness of "creation" that President Li led Paiya people to open the door and window industry of aluminum alloy doors and windows

it is difficult to start a business. In this process, chairman Li and his team have paid a lot. He led Paiya people to make the enterprise grow from nothing, from small to large, from weak to strong, and created a number of pioneers in the aluminum alloy door and window industry

it is understood that there were many aluminum door and window enterprises at that time, but they were all in the form of small workshops, and there was no real brand, so they could not form economies of scale and brand benefits. And Mr. Li attaches great importance to the development of brands. "Being a low-key person and a high-profile brand" is his long-term belief. Therefore, Mr. Li has been operating under the brand and successfully created the big brand of paya, which marks the beginning of China's high-end aluminum alloy industry

in addition, paya's patent creation is also second to none in the industry. According to Li Dong's memory, at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, paya invested a lot of money in the research and development of aluminum doors. At that time, paya paid special attention to the mold development of profiles and the development of hardware parts, and successively applied for more than 60 patents, becoming the "professional household" of patent creation in the industry. Moreover, these patents were constantly imitated by the industry, and made immeasurable contributions to the prosperity and development of the aluminum alloy door and window industry. And paya is also the first to open star endorsement doors and windows. As early as 2005, paya doors and windows joined hands with Hong Kong Star Guan Yonghe to create a star brand

independent innovation creates brilliance

from the founding of paya, which created the era of aluminum alloy industry, to the later, it has always put "innovation" through the development of enterprises, so that product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation can be launched at the same time, and paya has always been on the path of sustainable development. In Li Dong's view, enterprise innovation is a way of management and the only way for long-term development. Innovation is not groundless exaggeration, but optimization on the original basis to achieve better results. And paya can always be in a leading position in the industry, relying on continuous innovation

in terms of product innovation, paya's concept and practice of attaching importance to product research and development have been maintained until now, so the brand innovation speed is fast, and there are more and more product varieties and styles. Its product series include Lingfeng sliding door series, triumph sliding door series, Yinfeng sliding door series, hollow swing door series, etc., and there are as many as 13 colors. The rich product series has made paya go to the forefront of industry development

in terms of technological innovation, paya has a group of visionary management talents, innovative design backbones, skilled production personnel, imported equipment from Italy and Japanese production technology, and plans to continue to invest in equipment processing in the future to ensure the quality of R & D products. Li Dong believes that without continuous innovation in technology and products, enterprises will never have a way out

in terms of management innovation, paya now pays attention to process management and has unique management ideas. According to Li Dong, paya has refined and specialized operations on the process. The workers in each workshop are relatively independent, and specific workers specialize in specific styles of doors. Only in this way can we ensure the high quality of products. In addition, paya divides the process of producing aluminum alloy doors into several parts, and each employee is only responsible for one part of the process, which can not only ensure the quality control of products in all links, but also reduce the mobility of employees

it is difficult to create a brand, and it is more difficult to keep the brand. In the final analysis, if a brand wants to develop and grow, it still needs "creation" to support it. For enterprises, creation is endless, and it is also a long-term thing for enterprises to do. Mr. Li Junhong also made it clear that in the future development of the enterprise, he will carry out "creation" to the end and continue to "create" leading the industry





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