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"Micro marketing" has become a new marketing trend in the aluminum alloy swing door industry, which will become more and more intense in 2018

?? With the improvement of the quality of Chinese netizens and the rise of netizens' self-awareness, the tolerance of netizens to advertising is getting lower and lower, especially those harsh, straightforward, monotonous Hawking hard advertisements, and some browsers can even filter these advertisements directly. Nowadays, advertising needs to adopt a softer, more flexible and more acceptable marketing method, "micro marketing" has become a new marketing trend in the aluminum alloy swing door industry, which will become more and more intense in 2018

although many owners of aluminum alloy swing door enterprises are aware of the importance of wechat marketing, due to the influence of knowledge structure, incorrect information and other factors, what they do is relatively simple, even rough. Most aluminum alloy swing door enterprises only register a simple public account. In addition to sending a wechat message similar to advertising every day, other marketing functions such as offline interaction, wechat purchase, wechat product details and so on cannot be realized

for a long time, wechat has been a common tool in our life, not only now, but also in the future. The advantage of wechat lies in the relationship between friends. The target groups come from friends, mobile phone contacts, circles of friends, and social circles. The trust building in these circles is invaluable, which is also the purpose of wechat marketing. Based on the strong relationship and reliability of wechat, the degree of trust is significantly higher than the concept of Weibo fans. As a social media, this is the biggest core advantage of wechat. Based on this, the opening rate of promotion activities on wechat is as high as 90%, which is higher than the reading rate of traditional media and mobile media

many employees in the aluminum alloy swing door industry are playing wechat, but they seldom pay attention to the homepage of the wechat public platform, because there is no very clear slogan. "No matter how small an individual is, they all have their own brands", said Kong Dong of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows. The core of wechat public platform is to help enterprises or personal we media build their own brands. Since it is to build a brand, we should reflect the brand image of the enterprise or personal we media and make wechat marketing more diversified

aluminum alloy swing door enterprises grasp the core advantage of wechat, which is to establish a group of loyal customers. The significance of wechat marketing is to realize self splitting promotion, so as to maintain old customers and increase new customers. In fact, this is also the core of the success of wechat marketing. How to realize this mode is the biggest problem that aluminum alloy swing door enterprises need to care about to realize wechat marketing

the public wechat platform of aluminum alloy open door enterprises is mainly a word-of-mouth marketing mode of maintaining old customers and developing new customers, locking users with electronic membership cards and coupons, and realizing fission communication through wechat privilege rewards. While expanding the scale and increasing the income of the enterprise, establish the brand image, expand the popularity, and constantly develop new customers; In addition, the interactive marketing module is used to attract users to obtain discounts and win customers' favor, resulting in a large number of forwarding of promotional coupons every week, achieving multiple goals with one stone

in general, the o2o mode of the micro marketing platform, through offline consumption, obtains a QR code, and with the help of the QR code of online wechat, participates in various value-added services, including recommended points, turntable lottery, consumption coupons, etc., to promote users' offline consumption through online behavior. It should be said that this is the fastest and best marketing model in wechat marketing, which can effectively improve the efficiency of word-of-mouth communication and obtain rapid revenue. In addition, many large aluminum alloy swing door enterprises have put forward their own personalized needs, from deeply exploring the needs of the aluminum alloy swing door industry to creating a customized wechat service system for aluminum alloy swing door enterprises, so as to comprehensively meet the comprehensive solutions of aluminum alloy swing door enterprises from marketing, service to brand and culture

e-commerce is the trend of industry development. At present, the trend of online development has affected offline sales to a certain extent. Although the o2o model can achieve the balance between online and offline, the current level of development of aluminum alloy swing door e-commerce may not meet those conditions. In addition, when searching several online brand flagship stores, there are also various roast about logistics and after-sales in consumer evaluation. From this point of view, the online and offline channel war will continue for the development of aluminum alloy swing door enterprises in 2018

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