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People are overwhelmed by various types and styles of decoration door products on the market. How to choose a suitable one among the numerous decoration doors also requires skills. How to choose the decoration door? What are the skills

first, look at the style and color

the purpose of decorating a house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so when choosing wooden doors, we should first consider the harmony between the style of wooden doors and the style of color living room. The decorative style is stable and simple, so choose generous and concise styles; Lively and lively, we choose light and elegant to match; Classical ease is decorated with thick elegance. In short, it is recommended to choose a style that is close to each other

second, rely on the color system

good color matching is the key element of the spot dyeing room, so after we determine the style, we should next consider the matching of the color of the wooden door and the color of the room. The color matching of the room is basically similar to the chromaticity, supplemented by contrast factors. We can first divide the color image and brightness of the room environment, which can be divided into three major color systems; Soft decoration of walls, floors and furniture. Basically, it is OK to keep these three major color systems, which is not too beneficial. The color of the wooden door can be considered to be close to the color system of furniture. For example, the ground is dark, the wall is white, and it matches the bigwig wooden door. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. There is contrast and harmony in the color system of the environment. If you are not sure or under the guidance of professionals, recommend this “ Rely on ” Don't always think about comparing everywhere. In fact, the general environment has been compared. You just need to find a general environment close to the door color, or the ground or wall or furniture, and then distinguish it in detail. For example, the texture of the wooden door is different from that of the ground. As for which color system to rely on, it should be measured according to the actual situation

third, touch feeling

after considering the style and color thoroughly, the next is the process and quality of the product. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer and watch how it is processed. We can only evaluate the process quality of products through simple appearance inspection. Here I'll teach you two things: hand touch and side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand. It is required to be soft and delicate without scratching. Then stand on the side of the door to face the light to see if there are concave and convex waves on the paint surface of the door. Basically, we can know whether the workmanship is qualified by these two times

IV. inspection materials and relevant qualification certificates of manufacturers

we can't say that we can buy back satisfactory and reassuring wooden doors by relying on the above. What is the internal material of wooden doors? Is it environmentally friendly? Here we can test through three aspects

1. Try to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation. Recently, the wood door professional committee of China Wood Circulation Association held a wood door industry conference in Beijing. The conference selected the top 30 enterprise member units of China wood door through strict research and investigation. These manufacturers are relatively standardized in terms of scale, product quality and service system

2. Check whether the relevant qualification certificates of the manufacturer are complete and true compared with the relevant industry standards

3. Before installation, pay attention to the final check by checking the internal materials of the door lock hole. We can't go to the manufacturer to see how to do it. Only considering the well-known and good brand can we guarantee it. We believe that it is reasonable to charge one price for one product. You have to cut its price so low. Where does its profit come from? Then we should first look at the paint surface, feel the hand, look at the flatness, and preliminarily identify the manufacturing process of this brand. Another major problem is that consumers often mistakenly think that the doors are all solid wood when purchasing, which is unlikely. Because the door has a large area, it is very easy to deform and crack, so most well-known manufacturers will not make full solid wood doors. You can find several problems when purchasing. Its wood grain is very smooth, indicating that it is the solid wood veneer pasted later




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