Santai image store opened grandly

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Santai image store opened grandly

in April, shengte whole house custom furniture landed in Santai, the most populous county in Sichuan

in 2012, since shengte furniture launched a series of intelligent homes, in the expectation of the market, three image stores first launched intelligent remote control lifting TV wall. An endless stream of people came to hear the sound, and both customers and colleagues in the building materials industry expressed surprise and heartfelt appreciation; On this occasion, it is announced that shengte has taken the lead in the intelligent furniture industry

Santai image store will always implement the brand core value concept of "think for you, do for you" and serve the majority of users of Santai

store location: the middle section of Xiyangyang Plaza

intelligent remote control lifting TV wall cabinet

more gifts, waiting for you to grab

there is a hot collection of model rooms in various communities in Santai. Please register quickly! Ultra low and affordable, waiting for you to get it





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