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According to Xiaobian, the owners who decorate in Wuhan prefer the decoration of modern simple style in the choice of decoration style. Modern simple has simple decoration design patterns, as well as simple color matching, which is not flashy. At the same time, it gives people a simple and clean visual effect, so it is more aesthetic. Let's join us in Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian to see what characteristics the modern simple style has

1. Space composition

modern design pursues the practicality and flexibility of space. The living space is combined according to the functional relationship between each other, and the functional space penetrates each other, and the utilization rate of the space reaches the highest. The space organization is no longer based on the combination of rooms, and the division of space is no longer limited to hard walls, but pays more attention to the logical relationship of functional spaces such as reception, catering, learning, sleep, etc. The division of different functional spaces is expressed through the changes of furniture, ceiling, ground materials, exhibits and even light, and this division shows flexibility, compatibility and fluidity with different time periods. For example, the rest space and catering space are divided by a steel structure interlayer, and the hanging curtain ceiling on the attic limits the scope of the bed, which is a typical modern space design technique

2. Decorative materials and color design

decorative materials and color design provide a spatial background for modern indoor effects. First of all, in terms of material selection, it is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood and face bricks, but expands the selection range to metals, coatings, glass, plastics and synthetic materials, exaggerates the structural relationship between materials, and even exposes air-conditioning pipes and structural components, striving to show a highly technical indoor space atmosphere completely different from the traditional style. In the connection between materials, modern design needs to meet the requirements through special treatment methods and fine construction technology. Secondly, modern style color design is greatly influenced by modern painting schools. By emphasizing the contrast and coordination between primary colors, we pursue an eternal artistic theme with universal significance. The choice of decorative paintings and fabrics also plays a role in highlighting the theme for the whole color effect

3. Furniture, lamps and displays

the selection of modern indoor furniture, lamps and displays should obey the design theme of the overall space. Furniture should be selected and designed according to the muscle and bone structure of the human body in a certain posture, so as to adjust human physical loss and reduce muscle fatigue. The development direction of lighting design mainly has two characteristics: first, it is subdivided into lighting, background lighting and artistic lighting according to functions, and the lighting effects of different rooms should be an organic combination of these three types; The second is the intellectualization and modularization of light control, that is, the control mode has developed from separate switches to centralized remote control, and the best effect can be selected by setting the combined light modes of audio-visual, reception, catering, learning, sleep, etc. As for the setting of exhibits, personality and beauty should be highlighted as much as possible

4. Personalized space design

modern style rooms attach importance to the expression of individuality and creativity, that is, they do not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focus on the expression of things different from other residences. Small space and multi-function of residence is an important feature of modern interior design. The functional spaces associated with the host's interests and hobbies include home audio-visual center, mini bar, fitness corner, home computer studio, etc. These personalized function spaces can be designed according to the owner's personal preferences, thus showing a distinctive effect

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