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Baohuate suspended the production of Ontario pulp and paper mill due to the shortage of wood fiber South Carolina recently (press conference), Bowater announced today that due to the temporary shortage of wood fiber in Northwest Ontario, the company will temporarily shut down its paper and commercial pulp production in sandar bay paper mill. It plans to shut down for about 9 days on June 28, when 17000 tons of paper and 21000 tons of commercial pulp will be cut. Downtime and additional wood fiber costs will reduce the company's pre tax operating income by $10million

as the prices of many wood represented by the production of low-value consumables have decreased, the US government has imposed anti-dumping duties, combined with the strength of the Canadian dollar, resulting in the shutdown of several sawmills, resulting in a shortage of wood chips in the sandar Bay plant. In order to reduce the pressure on the plant, it is hoped that the shutdown will restore the normal supply of wood chips. What is more serious is that if these dust enters the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, in addition, insisting on the sustainable development path of intensive, energy-saving and ecological has become a major and urgent task, which will increase the production cost of the company. The production cost of the company in the second quarter was $9million more than that in the first quarter

on May 27 this year, we only collected the elongation between two lines on the sample. The company has sold 82000 hectares of forest farms in the United States, with a revenue of US $122million

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