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In order to promote the improvement of China's banking service level, the customer service committee of China Association of trade in services released the 2010 banking service data in Beijing on January 5, 2011, releasing the data on dozens of indicators related to banking and business hall services

last year, the customer service committee of China Association for trade in services published banking service data for the first time, which aroused strong repercussions in the industry. The "six major problems in banking services" pointed out in the data became the focus of social attention. Various media rushed to report. The CBRC issued a special document to require banks to make comprehensive rectification according to the six major problems raised by the customer service committee

in 2010, in order to test the service level of the banking industry again and promote the improvement of the service level of various industries, the customer service committee of China Service Trade Association once again conducted a large-scale unannounced investigation on the banking industry. The bank made unannounced visits to 14 banking services and business offices, including ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, CITIC, Minsheng, Everbright, Huaxia, Shenzhen development, Guangfa, Shanghai Pudong Development and industrial development. Among them, the bank service is a comprehensive business of all banks, excluding credit cards. The reason for this problem is likely to be the fracture or looseness of the main motor belt. The evaluation of card service secret visits will be released separately

in this survey, the average scores of all banks in the 2010 evaluation are taken as the yardstick to measure the service capacity of banks. Those above the average value are qualified, and those below the average value are unqualified

in order to ensure the accuracy of this survey, the China Customer Service Commission has significantly increased the sample collection volume, of which about 7000 valid samples were collected by the service, and the average sample size of the 14 banks surveyed was 500/home (100/home last year); The business hall collected more than 200 valid samples, concealed videos with micro cameras throughout the whole process, and conducted on-the-spot unannounced visits and evaluations on 14 bank business halls in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

(I) the service has made progress, but the problems are still outstanding

in order to accurately evaluate the service level of each bank, the call is made by professional investigators in the way of playing a mysterious customer and according to the investigation question base, involving 8 business types of the bank. Dial and test the whole process recording, and give unified scores according to the set standards from the three dimensions of service response ability, basic service specification and business solution ability

the survey shows that the phenomenon of forced advertising by banks has been significantly reduced, the convenience of bank menu design has been improved, and the accuracy of business answers has increased. However, there are still some problems that need to be improved:

nearly 40% of banks' manual connection rate is lower than the industry average.

the evaluation results show that in 2010, the industry average 20 second connection rate of banks was 71.64%, an increase of 4.33% over last year, and the proportion of enterprises that reached this average value was 64%. However, according to the industry standard of 80% connection rate in 20 seconds, only 28.6% of enterprises meet the standard. It is worth noting that there are great differences in the manual connection rate among banks, with nearly 90% of the outstanding and only 49% of the poor

from the current situation, (4) the position of the adjustable buffer valve knob is inappropriate. Many banks' customer service has developed from a simple consulting center to a banking business processing center, and some have even developed into a banking center to handle many businesses. Therefore, improving the connection rate has become more important. In addition to facilitating customers, it can also effectively attract customers to use more channels and reduce the service pressure of the business hall, Bring good service experience to customers

40% of customers have waited too long.

the waiting proportion of comprehensive business has increased significantly this year, reaching 38.95%, compared with 16.73% last year. The average waiting time is 58.46 seconds, that is, nearly 40% of the customers call the bank, and the customer service personnel cannot provide the answer immediately. They need to wait for nearly 1 minute in order to obtain the required answer, which is obviously inefficient

there are relatively many bank products. Therefore, customer service personnel often need to operate the computer to query the answers required by customers in the system. However, how to improve the response speed of the system and the business skills of customer service personnel and shorten the process of finding answers should be considered by many banks. Otherwise, the service efficiency is too low and customers are difficult to be satisfied

the service attitude has improved significantly, but the polite language needs to be strengthened.

the average score of the service attitude of comprehensive banks last year was 6.86 (the full score of this indicator is 10), which has increased to 8.49 this year, which is a significant improvement. Among them, 71% of the banks' service attitude scores exceeded the industry average

the customer service committee has specially set up polite language indicators, requiring that polite words such as "Hello, please, please, thank you" should be used in the service process, and service prohibitions such as "Hello, I don't know, that's impossible, what do you mean" should not appear in the service process, and apologize to the customer in case of service errors. According to the survey, the design and manufacturing of electrical systems of various equipment of the bank have put safe operation in an important position. The average score of polite words for upstream customer service is 6.34 (the full score of this indicator is 10 points), and 50% of the banks fail to reach the industry average level

in this assessment, there has been little indifference or questioning to customers, and there has been no dispute with customers. It shows that each bank's customer service center has made gratifying progress in standardized operation, process management and high-quality service. However, it is still necessary to strengthen the management under the service details to comprehensively improve the overall service image of the banking industry

more than half of the banking business answers are not satisfactory.

the correct rate of business answers has significantly increased this year, with the industry average reaching 81%, compared with 77% last year. However, more than half of the enterprises still fail to reach the industry average. The outstanding ones have reached 94.54%, while the backward ones are only 66%, that is, the answers provided to customers are incorrect or incomplete

whether the answers to questions are correct is the focus of this evaluation. The most important purpose for customers to call the bank is to solve problems and seek answers. If the problem solving rate is low, it indicates that the bank's service ability is low

this survey uses a unified questionnaire, that is, under the same scale, more than 50% of banks fail to reach the average level of the industry. As an important window for banks to provide external services, this service level is difficult to satisfy customers

(II) business hall services need to be greatly improved

in order to scientifically, fairly and comprehensively evaluate the services of bank business halls, the China Customer Service Commission conducted unannounced visits to 14 bank business halls in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in five periods, and collected 210 valid samples. Unannounced visits are all conducted by unannounced visitors in the way of actually handling business. The whole process of video recording is used to evaluate more than 20 indicators, such as the business hall environment, service time, lobby service, self-service, and overall service level

there are great regional differences. The survey results show that all indicators of banks in Shanghai have been exceeded comprehensively, leading by an absolute advantage of 81.80 points. Guangzhou scored 63.47 points, while Beijing scored the lowest, only 51.25 points

this survey shows that all banks in Shanghai have a stronger sense of service, leading in terms of environmental health, service standards and service capabilities. There are two direct factors for Shanghai's high score: first, as China's financial center, Shanghai has a relatively strong awareness of overall financial services; second, in order to show its overall image, Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau has put forward stricter requirements for banking services

60% of banks need to improve their opening service. The service level on holidays is lower than that on weekdays. This survey specially selected five periods for evaluation: the bank just opened in the morning, lunch time, before the bank leaves work in the afternoon, normal working hours and holidays. The evaluation found that: first, 60% of the banks' service level in the morning was obviously low, the banks' service preparation for opening the door was very inadequate, and they could not quickly reach the working state after opening the door, resulting in customer dissatisfaction; Second, the service level on holidays is lower than usual, which is directly related to the allocation of bank service resources and the mentality of employees on holidays

the service level of all banks on holidays is generally lower than that of normal services, which indicates that this is a common problem in the banking industry and deserves the attention of all banks. Banks need to do a good job in holiday management and staff mentality adjustment to improve the weakness of this service and comprehensively improve the service level

the environment of the business hall has great room for improvement

a clean, tidy, spacious and bright business environment with eye-catching signs can not only bring good feelings to customers, but also the most intuitive way for banks to show their management level and establish professional image. Therefore, every bank has paid full attention to the environment of the business hall. It is found in the survey that although the bank business hall is generally well decorated and the standards are generally unified, there are still some unsatisfactory aspects in some details: 17.83% of the points have poor performance in the external environment, which is mainly reflected in the unclean ground steps, unclean walls, doors and windows, and poor implementation of parking lots. Basically, 70% of the rubber is used in the tire market; 32.18% of the outlets' internal environment was not clean, which was mainly reflected in unclean ceilings, damaged indoor equipment, untimely cleaning of garbage cans, insufficient lighting, etc

outdated publicity materials and convenient facilities need to be improved

banks often need to display a variety of publicity materials. The survey found that 13.37% of banks did not arrange publicity materials in time, and the display was somewhat messy. 3.47% of business outlets even put expired publicity materials, which is really inappropriate

in addition, 34.65% of the outlets have not set up a "customer opinion book", and customers have no place to raise their opinions; 50% of the outlets did not set up convenience facilities, and 19.8% of the outlets did not set up counter or cash detector

the service provided by the lobby manager is not up to standard

in order to improve the service level of banks, many banks have lobby managers. The lobby managers are responsible for answering and guiding customers to handle business, assisting in filling out some professional forms, welcoming and seeing off customers, and maintaining business order. They are important service posts in the bank's business hall. However, this survey found that there were many problems in this position. 19.31% of the lobby managers were not on duty, 22.28% of the lobby managers were not proactive, and even 12.87% of them were performed by non professionals, such as security guards and securities company personnel. 21.29% of the lobby managers did not see off customers even when they were free

20% of the counter service personnel are not competent enough to provide smiling service.

20.79% of the tellers are not competent, mainly due to inaccurate answers to questions and unskilled handling of business

in addition, the survey found that the bank counter service personnel mainly focused on their own work, focusing on business and neglecting service, with poor proactive service, mainly reflected in: 20.30% of the service personnel did not greet customers, 38.61% of the service personnel did not meet the smiling service required by the bank, 20.30% of the service personnel failed to use polite language, 7.43% left the table without explaining any reason 19.8% of the service personnel did not send off

it seems that all banks need to pay attention to cultivating the service awareness of bank employees and comprehensively improving the details of bank services. Global

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