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Xi'an news (text/picture) on the afternoon of December 25, the launching ceremony of Shaanxi intelligent robot Innovation Center (preparation) and the digital workshop of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute was held in Shaanxi robot intelligent manufacturing industrial park of Baoji Chencang District Science and Technology Industrial Park

at the scene, we learned that the successful launch of the innovation center in the field of intelligent robots in Shaanxi Province and the digital workshop of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute will create a manufacturing innovation ecosystem that runs through the innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain, comprehensively improve the independent innovation ability and supporting level of intelligent robot industry, and cultivate and bring up leading talents in innovation of robot intelligent manufacturing technology, Promoting the growth and rise of the robot intelligent manufacturing industry marks that Baoji City and even our province have taken substantial steps in the field of robot intelligent manufacturing industry

it is understood that Shaanxi intelligent robot innovation center is the only provincial innovation center in our province that has passed the demonstration in the robot field, and is an important part of the innovation chain of "made in China 2025 Implementation Outline" in our province. Through the research and development of common technologies of intelligent robots, the center can take the terminal demand as the guide to increase its intensity to 3-5 times, make breakthroughs in key technologies, promote industrialization demonstration, drive industrial clusters and other scientific means, improve the establishment of the innovation system in our province, comprehensively improve the innovation ability of intelligent robots in our province, and can be built into a collection of research and development, achievement transformation, industry services A collaborative innovation base for intelligent robot industry integrating talent training. "Shaanxi intelligent robot innovation center" is an innovative organization led by "Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute", which adopts the establishment mode of combining upstream and downstream users, and jointly absorbs colleges and universities, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises

Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute is a new research and development institution in the field of intelligent robots, which was jointly established by the people's Government of Chencang District and Nanjing University of technology in October 2017. It has four service modes: original technology transfer and transformation, secondary development of university technology, talent training and training, and enterprise development strategy consulting, Provide strong cutting-edge technical support for enterprises that can obtain satisfactory results after air cooling of locally manufactured monofilament and then immerse in water bath or directly immerse in heating water bath for cooling, and boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

At the event, Su Guobao, Secretary of the CPC Chencang District Committee, extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests present. Wangxiaoxu, President of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute, introduced the development planning of the Institute and the preparation of the innovation center

liangguilian, director of the science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, attended the event and jointly launched the preparation ceremony of Shaanxi intelligent robot innovation center with zhangxiaojun, deputy secretary of Chencang District Party committee. Secretary suguobao and President wangxiaoxu jointly completed the launching ceremony of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute. At the signing ceremony, vice president Jingyan, on behalf of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute, signed 8 Modular function of test standards: it provides users with the test standards they need to set and use, and sets a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will actively cooperate and seek common development based on the concept of innovation, breakthrough, development and win-win

after the meeting, leading guests and enterprise representatives visited the digital workshop of Baoji robot intelligent manufacturing research institute under the leadership of vice president Jingyan

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