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The bank recruits "mystery customers" self inspection customer service system

welcome to the era of experience economy! The Harvard Business Review formally put forward this concept in 2005, while the modern banking industry has brought the management of customer experience into full play, which has led to the recruitment of part-time students as mystery customers

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recently, I noticed a mysterious customer of 180 yuan a day, working from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. from Monday to Sunday. The specific working hours can be adjusted according to their own time, and the staff who can work for at least two days a week should be guaranteed; The work content is to represent the bank as a mystery customer, check the service attitude of employees and the seriousness of work. According to intermediaries, if a bank conducts a mystery customer survey for a year, the cost will be about hundreds of thousands of yuan

in fact, in the fierce market competition in recent years, China's banks have realized the importance and urgency of improving service levels and providing all-round and high-quality services, and have also paid more attention to external testing. According to the data of a survey company, CCB has established a mysterious person inspection system and incorporated the inspection results into the assessment content; Huaxia Bank introduced the mysterious customer supervision and management mode, conducted four surveys on the service work of all business outlets of the bank every year to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development, and reported the inspection results; China Merchants Bank hired professional companies to conduct mystery customer survey and customer satisfaction survey on the business hall of China Merchants Bank, and included the inspection results into the key content of service management evaluation; China CITIC Bank established a third-party mysterious customer inspection system; Bank of communications implements mystery customer detection system; ICBC employs professional companies to monitor the service quality. From foreign experience, mystery customer visit is an investigation method in which strictly trained investigators dress up customers within a specified or designated time and evaluate or assess a series of problems or phenomena designed in advance one by one. Since the identity of the mystery customer cannot be identified or confirmed in advance for the inspected or evaluated objects, this method can truly reflect the actual problems. In foreign countries, mystery customers are widely used to serve financial window enterprises and chain enterprises/institutions such as banks, funds, insurance, etc. As far as banks are concerned, the contents of mystery person inspection include customer service, business process, hardware facilities, business environment, site construction, self-service, promotion and application of new products and new businesses, etc. Mysterious people not only check the dressing, mental outlook, service terms and business skills of the personnel at the site, but also check the business operation process, service facilities and environmental sanitation. The research team conducted relevant load experiments in a relatively empty laboratory, and even connected the internal decoration, functional zoning, various systems and working principles of the universal material experimental machine with digital display: such as the configuration of signs and advertising materials, And the knowledge of new products and new businesses of the point personnel is also within the scope of mysterious person inspection

however, according to the current domestic recruitment notices, mystery customers still lack professional training in China. Although students can guarantee the cultural level of mystery customers, from the perspective of statistical requirements, they lack scientific design such as basic industry distribution, age distribution, education level distribution and high-end customer experience. The effect of bank self-test is naturally discounted, and the original intention of in-depth investigation of mystery customers is difficult to be fully realized

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