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Beware of freezing injury in banana storage and transportation in winter

taking RGM ⑵ 00 as an example, banana is a subtropical fruit. In the process of harvesting, storage and transportation in severe winter, if it is below 13 ℃ (the critical temperature of banana is 13 ℃), banana fruit is easy to be frostbitten; When the temperature is lower than 5 ℃ and there is no heat preservation facilities, bananas will suffer from freezing damage in half a day. The peel will gradually turn black and the flesh will harden. After a long time, starch will be difficult to convert into sugar, unable to ripen, and lose its edible value. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent freezing injury during banana storage and transportation in winter

I. harvesting and preservative treatment

the lowest temperature season is from December to February of the next year. The normal temperature (daytime) in western Guangdong, Southeast Guangxi and southern Fujian, the main banana producing areas in China, is above 15 ℃. When harvesting bananas, it should be carried out when the temperature is high at noon on a sunny day. The bananas should be gently collected and handled. The bananas should be cut off with a shaft and transported back to the warehouse, and combed with a special half moon knife. Then, remove all pest damage fruits, mechanical damage fruits, over ripening or other external fruits, stack them according to grade, and cut the fruit handle flush with plastic film, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, cartons and other materials. After that, rinse it with 0.1% - 0.2% alum water prepared in advance, and then soak it in tekto 800-1000 times solution or Shibaoke 800 times solution for 2 minutes (or layered spray method). Package it after the banana surface moisture company has the earliest academician workstation, post doctoral workstation and provincial engineering technology research center in Jurong city

II. Packaging method

when bamboo hat or carton is used for packaging, the packaging shall be firm and pressure resistant, and shall be sterilized with drugs 5 days before use. Each carton should contain 10kg fruit (20kg bamboo hat). Carton packaging: use the blue film bag as the inner bag, put the bananas into the stack one by one, with a quantitative weight of 10kg per box (8kg after ripening), then put the ethylene absorbent into the box, seal the box and stick it firmly with film. Bamboo hat packing: the bottom of the bamboo hat is padded with 3 layers of straw paper, then 2 layers of straw paper are padded around the bamboo hat, and more than 50g writing paper is padded from the bottom to the periphery of the bamboo hat with 13 layers (transported to the three eastern provinces and northwest regions. The bamboo hat transported to North China can be reduced to 8 layers; the bamboo hat transported to East China and central China can be 6 layers) thick, and bananas are packed in layers (the banana handle faces inward). After filling, cover the banana with paper color of the same thickness on the surface, cover the bamboo hat surface with a film, and wrap it up (for example, in areas with extremely low air temperature such as northeast China, add an appropriate amount of ethephon during banana rinsing to make the banana ripen slowly during transportation)

III. train transportation heat preservation

when transported by ordinary box cars (measuring cars with the precision of Jinan gold testing tensile machine), bananas are vulnerable to freezing damage on the way if there are no heat preservation facilities in the carriage, so the bottom of the carriage should be padded with 50cm thick straw, and then two layers of cotton tires and one layer of cotton felt should be added. The four walls of the carriage are nailed with three layers of woven straw sickles, two layers of cotton tires and one layer of cotton felt. After being nailed in turn, the packed bananas shall be loaded. Each carriage shall be packed with 1000 rims (1400 cartons). Then, cover the surface with thermal insulation materials of the same thickness and close the air window of the carriage. After arriving at the destination, it shall be transported into the warm storage by heat preservation truck and ripened immediately

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