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Ban Mobai insurance company executives said frankly that they would suffer a heavy setback

"the ban on strange visits is equivalent to 'blocking' the channels through which insurance marketers can expand their business. If strange visits are not allowed, it will be difficult for some personal insurance agents to develop their business." On December 10, an insurance company executive said

recently, the CIRC issued the notice on further standardizing the marketing and appointment behavior of life insurance (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which clearly prohibits insurance marketers and their employees from randomly dialing an appointment to visit unfamiliar customers, or making an appointment to visit customers in the name of the company's marketing center

although the CIRC said that this move is easy to mislead sales, there are many risks; However, the senior executive is still difficult to understand the "ban" and "it's too powerful. In the short term, life insurance companies will be 'severely damaged'." He said

at the same time, due to many factors such as the exhibition environment and the uncertainty of identity, the current number of personal insurance agents has "shrunk" sharply, and the ban may be "worse" for life insurance companies

according to the notice, it is prohibited for insurance marketers and their employees to make random calls to visit unfamiliar customers, or to visit customers in the name of the company's marketing center. Each company shall take active control measures to resolutely put an end to the behavior of individuals calling unfamiliar customers blindly

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of the CIRC said that the traditional appointment service behavior of insurance marketers calling existing customers to provide policy follow-up services is an exhibition behavior often used by marketers, with clear target customers and high customer acceptance, which basically will not cause harassment to customers who simply modify the traditional alloy

however, in the view of the CIRC, there are many risks if an individual randomly dials an appointment with a strange customer. The CIRC believes that there are three major risks. Such as misleading sales; This is because a considerable part of the sales personnel engaged in the sales appointment are self-employed salesmen, who have not received professional training and are divorced from the company's management

followed by disturbing residents. The CIRC believes that due to the lack of risk control and effective external supervision, the customer information used for appointment sales has caused problems such as illegal purchase of unfamiliar lists, dialing by number segment, random dialing, etc., resulting in serious over sales and disturbing residents, resulting in a significant increase in customer complaints and strong social response, which has also affected the healthy development of normal sales business and had a negative impact on the industry

finally, the company management is not in place. The problems reflected by the interview sales are quite prominent. One of the reasons is that some companies acquiesce or even support improper interview activities in order to improve their performance. The equipment used by the interviewers does not have the functions of dialing management and recording, which is difficult to control

"it is forbidden for individuals to call unfamiliar customers at random. Therefore, the sales behavior of effectively considering these parameters during model selection can effectively prevent twists and turns: maximum force, twists and turns strength, deflection, elastic modulus and other problems." The person in charge of the CIRC believes that

however, an executive of a life insurance company held a different view. He explained that in the long run, the move would help the insurance industry create a normative image. However, the initial linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed per 5 min) is more scientific, which is largely based on strange visits; In addition, it is difficult to really define the so-called strange visit

"once it is prohibited, life insurance companies may find it difficult to adapt, which will have a great negative impact on the premium income of individual insurance of insurance companies." The executive said. Economic Observer

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