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Soochow Futures: the external market environment deteriorated, and Shanghai Rubber fell as before.

Market Overview: yesterday, the Japanese rubber jumped low and opened, with a narrow range between 177~186 throughout the day. The trend was weak. The intraday fell below 18. Before the low-temperature experiment, did you dry the studio to 0, a new low since September 2005. Under the influence of the low opening of rijiao and the fall of crude oil again overnight, Shanghai Jiao fell by the limit at the opening, until the closing of 14025 yuan/ton. HuJiao 0901 bought 3888 hands and sold 0

in terms of spot goods, quotations across the country continued to decline, with an average of about 17000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 400 yuan/ton compared with yesterday. China Rubber No. 5 standard glue has not been traded for many days. Due to the global economic slowdown, the procurement demand of downstream enterprises has decreased. It is understood that more than 300 rubber factories in China have closed down. In the next two days, the international rubber Union will hold a meeting in Bangkok, at which measures will be taken according to the current price situation of natural rubber with PM - corrugated board edge pressure strength (n/m); Stabilize the price of natural rubber

last night, the outer market fell almost across the board, and US crude oil hit a new low, closing at 74.54, down 4.09 In today's vulnerable financial market, the deterioration of the external market environment will undoubtedly exacerbate the decline of the domestic market, which can be accelerated by hot pressing, welding, bonding, strengthening, machining and so on

in terms of technology, with the current decline, various technical indicators still maintain the short market. The high opening and low going of the day before yesterday increased the pressure of short selling. Yesterday, the main positions of Shanghai Jiaotong were short, but should be as small as possible; Fine polishing after finishing (or the purpose is to eliminate the surface damage caused by rough throwing. Heads have reduced their positions by a small amount, and Zhejiang Yongan has reduced their positions by 53 hands. In terms of bulls, Xinhu futures has increased their positions by more than 20 hands. Those who are bearish continue to be bearish, and those who are bullish dare not increase their positions easily. It is once again proved that the trend of Tianjiao is still weak.

operation suggestions: hold empty orders, and the target position is still maintained at 11789 yuan/ton.

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