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Sosco appears at BMW exhibition to help enterprises strengthen competitiveness

sosco appears at BMW exhibition to help enterprises strengthen competitiveness

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Guide: on November 28, 2012, Southco, the world's leading supplier of Engineering entry solutions, comprehensively displayed its engineering entry solutions at Bauma China 2012, not only displaying a series of flagship products, It also shows its comprehensive engineering design and customization

on November 28, 2012, Southco, the world's leading supplier of Engineering entry solutions, showed its engineering entry solutions in an all-round way at the Bauma China 2012, showing not only a series of flagship products, but also its comprehensive engineering design and customized solution capabilities

with its excellent and innovative products, sosco showed how sosco can help the construction machinery industry to improve product quality innovatively and further go abroad to gain competitive advantage in the international market. This is consistent with the current goal of China's national policies to promote the overall improvement of the open economy, promote enterprises to speed up the pace of going global, and enhance the international operation ability of enterprises

create a new model for the construction machinery industry

the emergence of new technologies has expanded the innovation space of construction machinery manufacturers. In addition, the positioning control technology of mechanical electronic lock and control display touch screen, which are widely used in the automotive industry, has gradually been widely used in the construction machinery industry. It can help OEMs improve their brand value and enhance their market competitiveness by providing end users with more ergonomic operation functions, thus becoming one of the development trends of construction machinery design. Sosko showed a series of mechanical door locks and fasteners specially made for construction machinery at the BMW Shanghai Exhibition. At the same time, he took this opportunity to demonstrate the combination of hot runner, micro injection and conformal waterway through products to optimize the quality of injection molding products and molds, innovate electronic access control technology and positioning control technology, and create a new model for door and interior design in the construction machinery industry

sosco electronic access control solution uses a remote control instead of a key to control the door switch. On the one hand, it realizes the convenient function of multi-point lock locking or unlocking synchronously, eliminating the inconvenience of keeping all keys. On the other hand, it strengthens the anti-theft performance of the vehicle

sosco electronic access control technology is integrated by three main subsystems: remote controller, mechanical electronic lock and access control status monitoring system. The mechanical electronic lock has the same stable and reliable locking function as the sosco mechanical rotary door lock. When used with the remote control, it can play the function of electronically driving unlocking and locking. The system will automatically change to manual operation in case of power failure. The advanced electronic access control technology not only provides convenience and improves the use experience for vehicle operators, but also the design of its hidden device can ensure a clean body appearance and avoid intentional damage. The flexibility of electronic access control technology also makes it widely used in engine cover, body cover, tool box, storage room and many other parts

the security of sosco electronic access control solution meets the standard of the British construction industry equipment security and registration plan (Cesar), and has good control performance. For example, it can play the functions of access control management, remote control and monitoring when integrated with gsm/gprs. This enables the vehicle operator to know exactly who opened the door and when. If it is an illegal entry, an alarm will be issued

more and more construction machinery manufacturers use touch-screen technology to monitor and control vehicle systems. In order to allow the operator to easily set the best viewing angle of the display screen, sosco provides a variety of solid and durable positioning control technologies that can resist strong vibration and conform to ergonomics, making it easier for users to adjust and fix the viewing angle of the display screen according to their height or avoid light reflection. With its leading position in positioning control technology, sosko's positioning control hinge technology is also widely used in seat headrests, so that drivers and passengers can easily and smoothly adjust the headrest to the required position. Fatigue testing machine is a kind of equipment used more in many industries, which greatly improves the car environment and improves the driver's work efficiency

Wu Meng, general manager of sosco Asia Pacific Transportation Division, said: "Sosco has a long-term commitment to the Chinese construction machinery market. With more than 65 years of product design, development and production experience in the field of engineering solutions and the experience accumulated in the field of global construction machinery and automotive industry, sosco is better able to innovate according to the needs of customers, provide unique customized solutions, and help the Chinese construction machinery industry improve product competitiveness through innovation. At present, sosco is based on customers There are more than 50000 innovative restructuring and customization products that need to be customized, and more than 25000 standard parts that improve the green credit cooperation mechanism with the China Development Bank, including various excellent and unique mechanical or mechanical electronic locks, hinges (positioning control technology), fasteners and other solutions. "

with such rich experience and technical advantages, sosco has become a long-term main supply partner for many Chinese and foreign engineering machinery and equipment design and manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Korean Doosan group, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Liebherr, John Deere, JLG Industrial Company, Sany group, Liugong and XCMG group. Sosco has accumulated experience and network in global business, and provides one-stop solutions from design to production for host manufacturers all over the world

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