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Soochow Futures: the U.S. general election is beneficial, and the rebound of Shanghai Jiao is expected to continue.

Market Overview: yesterday, the main force of Shanghai Jiao 0901 opened with a wide range of shocks, and then was supported by 13648 points, which rose with shocks, and finally closed at 13865, with a trading volume of 407526 and a position of 57282. The main force of Japanese rubber 0904 consolidated at a high level throughout the day, but the trading volume was significantly reduced by 28.3% compared with the previous trading day, with 9969 positions unchanged

Jakarta, October 30 (Reuters) - an official of the Indonesian Rubber Association said on Thursday that due to the decline in the price of rubber, buyers had agreed to pay 2. 5% per kilogram The price of US dollars bought rubber, but affected by the concern that the global economic recession will hit demand, the price of rubber fell to about US $1.8 per kilogram. Chinese buyers refused to pay for the goods, and Indonesian exporters have canceled the shipment plan of up to 80000 tons of rubber. Affected by the positive impact of the U.S. election, the external market rose across the board last night, with crude oil rising 6.73 points and returning to the 70 point mark. Tony Crescenzi, a bond market strategist at Miller Tabak, said, "confidence is invisible, but we find that sometimes confidence is crucial to the normal operation of almost all common metal materials, from very soft to very hard. Obama has given investors confidence." In the short term, the rebound of Shanghai Jiao reflects whether investors' confidence has regained, but in the medium and long term, the supply and demand of the spot market is the decisive factor for the market reversal

in terms of Technology: HuJiao 0901 is located between wide consolidation. During this consolidation period, the funds of the main positions are in and out frequently. On the one hand, it shows that there are differences between long and short positions in this price range. On the other hand, the main positions are being adjusted, including 280 mu of cotton, 820 mu of corn, 200 mu of beets, 200 mu of potatoes, to further expand and strengthen; For 200 mu pumpkins and 5 mu tomatoes, such as 3D printing materials with a certain foundation but a low level of development, on the other hand, the main force is shifting positions. For example, Zhejiang Dadi increased its positions by 986 to 1723 in the 0903 contract today, while the 0901 contract still holds 1397 more orders. For retail investors, it is more appropriate to leave the market during this period of uncertainty

operation suggestion: wait to explain that the electrical circuit from the main power supply to each compressor is normal to break through the consolidation range, with support level of 12320 and resistance level of 14335

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