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Sony Mobile released smart band swr10


compatible with Android 4.4 system and supports bt4.0

ip58 international dust and water proof grade

charge with micro USB

NFC, Bluetooth and connection can be paired

Sony Mobile released smart band swr10, a smart Bracelet accessory, which can record the user's daily exercise time and step count through Bluetooth, NFC and connection, or through the use of social networking, music and other applications, it is convenient for users to understand their daily life

this smart Bracelet adopts a rubber wristband. The sensing device in the wristband can be taken out. It is matched according to the user's personal mood and wearing style. The sensor is placed in other color wristbands for use. The wristband is available in elegant, style and dazzling models, each of which has three colors, a total of nine colors. The smart bracelet has been listed in China since today (5/5), and the price is 3990 yuan, and the wristband price is 890 yuan

when consumers buy smart bracelets, they can log in before the end of May and purchase the dazzling wristband group (random shipment, no color selection) that will be launched in May at a preferential price of 490 yuan. "Elegant" and "style" will be launched in the second quarter

match the bracelet to launch three styles of elegance, style and dazzling, including nine color wristbands in pink, pink, cyan, black, orange, purple and white

It can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of the material in the process of impact.

the bracelet has a waterproof function, and the built-in battery endurance can be used for about 5 days, which can make the user live for a day, but these can not form a commercial state to be quantified and informationized at present, such as counting the steps taken in a day, as long as the customer does it according to our standards, there will be no operating state, running time, calories consumed, sleep time, There are also using behaviors, such as social networking, taking photos, listening to music, watching movies. The bracelet can be connected with NFC, Bluetooth and pairing to transmit statistics to the smart type, and then check the daily status through the above "LifeLog"

the bracelet can be paired with NFC through Sony mobile one touch function. After pairing, in Walkman music playback mode, tap the surface of the bracelet to control music "play", "next song" and other functions. You can also set the alarm function of the bracelet to wake up the user in the way of vibration

users can collect data that are not easy to deform and durable from the LifeLog update bracelet. Through the app, you can see the number of steps and time you walk every day, or the time you use the social road, the number of photos taken, the time of music playback and other information, and you can query historical data

after the smart bracelet is paired with, when it is more than 10 meters away from the bracelet, the bracelet will automatically vibrate to remind users to prevent the risk of theft. In addition, in daily life, you sometimes forget where you put it. As long as it is within the scope of Bluetooth communication, you can touch the bracelet remote control to automatically send out a ring, which is convenient for users to find

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