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Sony Sony [National Bank PS VR] new Playstation VR started with a certain East evaluation evaluation

this Sony [National Bank PS VR] new Playstation VR boutique set started with a certain East. It has been used for a period of time, and the sharing experience is as follows:

first, the experience of Sony National Bank PS VR boutique set:

Sony National Bank PS VR boutique set feels good at first sight. After using it, I feel that PS4 is complete, VR is so fun, What's the matter with your girlfriend? Bring your girlfriend to play together, subvert her view of the game, and the quality of the game that can be made into VR is very good. Even the small game you try to play feels great. If there is a color demand in the multi person interactive game, it's very interesting, suitable for all ages, and has a strong sense of substitution. Although the picture is a little fuzzy, it's already great

transfer to Sony Guohang PS VR more user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details "for the reference of friends in need

II. Price quotation of Sony Guohang PS VR boutique set:

Sony [Guohang PS VR] new Playstation VR fine encourages low-power low-end set

[11.11 Carnival pre purchase] on November 1, the discount is enjoyed first, and the best-selling host is as low as 1799 yuan! Pro host 2599 limited edition

JD price: ¥ 2799.00

snap up link:

III. Sony National Bank seems to have not mentioned the harm of the measurement and control system to the experimental results of friction damage. PS VR other user comments:

experience the virtual truth for the first time. I feel really in the game space. I really like Sony Playstation virtual reality game device. I hope you can experience it. I strongly recommend it to you. Game 9 Controller: touch screen PLC control, play control, operation, audio, image and other aspects are particularly good, and simulation game control is also particularly good? It just shows that the problem is a little vague. Is it the problem of the game or the device? It's not clear. On the whole, it's very helpful and very satisfied

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