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Soprem selects Emerson CT as the core component of its new automatic welding machine

soprem is an automation joint stock company located in Switzerland. Its new end welding machine selects unidrive SP of Emerson CT as the core component to realize the control of all pneumatic movements, welding speed and electric current

automatic welding machine is mainly used in the production line of plastic sewer pipes. The plastic extrusion process needs to heat the plastic to an extremely high temperature, which will take a long time. Once the correct temperature is reached, it must be produced continuously, and the supply of aluminum coils must also be continuous

the end welding machine can ensure that when one coil is about to be used up, the operator can easily weld another gymnasium acoustic design and measurement specification jgj/t 131 ⑵ 000 coil to the end of the current coil

"the sensor on the uncoiler is used to detect whether the coil is about to be used up, and then an alarm will be sent. After receiving the alarm, the operator only needs to put the ends of the two coils together on the automatic welding machine and press the start button." Said Mathys Pascal, an electrical engineer at soprem. "The whole welding process is controlled by UN and has reached the international advanced level Idrive SP and its SM Application module."

the clamping, cutting and moving in place of the aluminum coil are controlled by the pneumatic motion controlled by the SM application, and the unidrive SP mainly controls the motion through the welding joint at the end of the aluminum coil. However, the welding process must be continuous, and no small holes should be left in any section due to the start and stop of welding. In the case of SM Application module controlling welding current, the initial current is very low due to the slow start-up and operation of the welding joint; When passing through the middle part, the welding joint runs faster and the current increases; Near the end, it starts to slow down again, and the current decreases again

"unidrive SP and SM application modules make the machine accuracy up to 0.1mm" Pascal said. "HMI touch screen directly connected to the drive system figure 2 fan casing development trend screen (including all functions) adds a variety of advantages, such as no external PLC, which saves space and cost. Moreover, aluminum strip rolls of different widths and thicknesses can be stored in HMI, so it is very easy to use for end users."

"SM Application module also saves a lot of time for our electrical engineers: it usually takes 30 to 40 hours to program a machine, but now it only takes 4 or 5 hours," Pascal continued. "We write and store programs in notebooks, just download them into modules - which also greatly reduces the workload of each machine."

the above points are very important for soperm to develop this model of machinery, because soperm is mainly oriented to the Eastern European market, where good quality and low price are essential elements of all products

main advantages:

accuracy up to 0.1mm

no PLC, saving space and cost

reducing programming time walter+bai experimental machine company was established in 1970

good quality and low price

soprem Automation Co., Ltd. in grechen, Switzerland was established in 1961, specializing in the production and R & D of stamping workshop equipment and winding machine technology. The experienced team of engineers is committed to providing personalized solutions to customers around the world. (end)

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